Deutsche Post Topped FEZ, Offers Tracking for International Mail



FEZ’s top stocks

On Monday, December 21, 2015, the stocks at the top of the SPDR Euro STOXX 50 ETF (FEZ) were Deutsche Post, Volkswagen (VLKAY), ASML Holdings (ASML), Deutsche Bank (DB), Unicredit (UNCFF), and Daimler (DDAIF). They returned 1.5%, 1.2%, 0.8%, 0.4%, 0.2%, and 0.1%, respectively. Deutsche Post was the top performer among all of the stocks.

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Reasons behind Deutsche Post’s performance

  • Deutsche Post started using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology this month. It allows customers to track their international mail.
  • This technology will help customers identify when packages will likely to reach destinations in other countries.
  • Deutsche Post is the largest mail service provider in Europe. Through this new technology, it wants to expand its position in the market.

Deutsche Post’s returns

Currently, Deutsche Post is trading at 25.99 euros. Its 52-week high is 31.18 euros. Its 52-week low is 22.92 euros. Its current PE (price-to-earnings) ratio is 20.80x. The current PBV (price-to-book value) ratio is 3.10x. The stock’s YTD (year-to-date) return is -4%. The quarterly return is 5%.

The stock is trading 1% above its 100-day moving average, at par with its 20-day moving average, and 2% below its 50-day moving average. Analysts’ estimates indicate upsides of 12% for Deutsche Post over the next 12-month period from its current levels as of December 21, 2015. Deutsche Post accounts for 1.2% of the iShares MSCI Eurozone (EZU).

In the next part of this series, we’ll discuss the performance of FEZ’s telecommunication stocks on December 21, 2015.


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