How Gilead Sciences Is Strengthening Its Presence in HIV Segment

HIV portfolio performance

Gilead Sciences’ (GILD) revenues from HIV drugs rose year-over-year (or YoY) by about 6% from $2.7 billion in 3Q14 to $2.9 billion in 3Q15. The revenue growth was mainly attributed to the market leading position of Gilead’s Truvada-based franchise. In addition to HIV treatment, Truvada is also approved as a pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) drug for HIV.

How Gilead Sciences Is Strengthening Its Presence in HIV SegmentHIV segment

Out of the total 1.2 million HIV patients treated in the US, 574,000 patients are currently using a Gilead HIV product. Gilead Sciences earned $1.9 billion from HIV drug sales in the US, which amounted to a YoY increase of 16%. Despite tough competition from companies such as Pfizer (PFE), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) in the HIV space in 3Q15, seven out of every ten HIV patients in the US opted for Gilead’s HIV regimen. Additionally, the company’s HIV sales in the US rose on account of increased purchases from the Department of Veteran Affairs (or VA) as well as from an increase in wholesaler inventory.

In Europe, despite an increase in prescription volumes, product revenues dropped by 12% YoY and reached $715 million in 3Q15. This was mainly due to price cuts in European markets as well as unfavorable foreign exchange impact.

HIV drug performance

Gilead’s HIV drugs, Stribild and Complera, registered solid revenue growth in 3Q15. Stribild earned revenues worth $511 million in 3Q15, a 56% rise from $327 million revenues earned in 3Q14. The drug is the number two most prescribed regimen both in the US and in Europe. Stribild managed to capture 28% of the total naïve HIV patients in the US and 16% of the naïve patients in the Big-5 European countries.

Complera, the third most prescribed HIV regimen in the US, also witnessed solid growth as sales reached $360 million in 3Q15, a 9% increase from $330 million earned in 3Q14. Gilead Sciences also managed to earn $903 million from sales of Truvada, a drug that is used by 29% of all HIV-treated patients in the US. Truvada is also the most prescribed HIV drug in Europe and accounts for 31% of treated patients in the European market. To learn more about Gilead’s HIV portfolio, please refer to Gilead: Global Leader in the HIV Market.

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