What makes Nvidia’s Drive Studio unique?



Nvidia Drive Studio unveiled

As mentioned in the earlier part of the series, Nvidia (NVDA) unveiled its inbuilt developed software called Drive Studio along with Drive CX. In Nvidia’s own terms, Drive Studio is software for automotive cockpits. The technology is essentially a game engine that comes along with Drive CX to simulate a car’s cockpit. In a recent demo, Nvidia showed off a rendered 3D speedometer that carmakers and users can change to fit in with the materials and design of the rest of the dashboard.

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Key features of Nvidia Drive Studio

Nvidia Drive Studio software suite encompasses multi-media playback, navigation, text-to-speech, and climate control for automotive applications. A Drive CX and Studio software demo highlighted the technology’s basic on-screen media player with fully 3D navigation systems, lighting, ambient occlusion, GPU rendered vectors, and other advanced effects. The demo also included Google (GOOGL) Android running in the car, a surround-view camera system, and a customizable high-resolution digital cluster system. High-end cars like Audi and BMW (BMW) that are already Nvidia’s customers will benefit from Drive Studio.

Drive Studio enables navigation with 3D maps, dynamic lighting to keep the driver focused on the necessary things like ambient occlusion and shadows. At the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Nvidia demonstrated Drive Studio customizability options that the gauges would have in the instrument cluster. The company also indicated that the car would have multiple profiles, with one for each driver.

The onboard infotainment system displays all of Drive Studio’s features, including a wide array of customization options, too. The uniqueness of Nvidia Drive Studio lies in its ability to provide a platform to the car manufacturers, so that they can use it to create the driver experience.


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