Hospira: A leader in specialty injectable pharmaceuticals



Hospira: Injectable pharmaceutical drugs and infusion technologies

Hospira’s (HSP) portfolio includes generic acute-care and oncology injectables, biosimilars, and integrated infusion therapy and medication management products. Hospira’s broad portfolio of products is used by hospitals and alternate site providers, such as clinics, home healthcare providers and long-term care facilities.

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Specialty Injectable Pharmaceuticals segment

This is Hospira’s largest segment and accounted for almost 70% of 2013 sales. They have approximately 200 injectable generic drugs as well as proprietary specialty injectables. This segment also includes Hospira’s biosimilar portfolio.

Hospira’s Specialty Injectable Pharmaceutical products include Precedex, a trade-marked sedative. Precedex accounted for about 11% of Hospira’s global sales in 2013.

This is the area where there are the most synergies with Pfizer’s (PFE) portfolio.

Medication Management segment

Medication Management accounted for about 20% of sales in 2013. This segment includes software products and services, as well as infusion pumps, gravity administration sets, and other products.

Hospira believes that electronic drug-delivery pumps with enhanced systems capabilities have become a key contributor in its efforts to improve medication management programs and reduce the incidence of medication errors. Some of Hospira’s pumps use bar coding to read drug labels that are compatible with other Hospira products, which reduces the opportunity for drug infusion errors.

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Other Pharmaceuticals segment

This segment accounted for about 10% of 2013 sales and includes contract manufacturing and high-volume intravenous products. Hospira offers infusion therapy solutions and related supplies that include intravenous solutions for general use, intravenous nutrition products, and solutions for the washing and cleansing of wounds or surgical sites.

Geographic coverage and customers

Nearly 80% of Hospira’s sales are in the Americas. Another 13% of sales is attributable to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and the rest are in Asia-Pacific.

Hospira’s customers in the Americas are primarily hospitals, wholesalers, integrated delivery networks, and alternate site facilities. Overseas, it’s primarily hospitals and wholesalers that buy from Hospira.

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