Why the celebrity photo leaks affect Apple’s reputation



Celebrity photo leaks have hurt Apple’s reputation of being a secure player

In the previous part of this series, we discussed some of the issues that Apple (AAPL) is facing a week before the launch of its iPhone 6. One of the major issues that Apple faced was hackers stealing celebrities’ pictures from iCloud. iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service from Apple that has around 320 million users. With the help of this service, you can store your personal data such as video, photos, and music on the cloud.

The recent attacks by hackers on celebrities’ iCloud accounts have hurt Apple’s reputation as a secure player. Before these attacks, Apple’s iOS operating system was considered the most secure player among other smartphone operating systems.

Apple’s iOS has had no history of mobile threats

According to a report from Symantec (SYMC) and as the chart below shows, 97% of mobile threats happened on Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system in 2013. Next came Nokia’s (NOK) Symbian and Microsoft (MSFT) Windows operating systems, at 2% each.

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Apple’s iOS was considered the safest, with 0% threats. This is despite the fact that Android’s share in the smartphone operating system market is about 85% compared to about 12% for Apple, as we discussed in the previous part of this series. So the recent hacker attack on Apple’s system was a surprise for many.


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