Will Jack in the Box Sell Qdoba Mexican Eats?

On November 22, Reuters reported that Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, is closing on an agreement to buy Qdoba Mexican Eats from Jack in the Box (JACK) for more than $300 million.

Why Lowe’s 3Q17 Earnings Failed to Impress

Lowe’s Companies (LOW) posted its 3Q17 earnings on November 21. The company posted adjusted EPS (earnings per share) of $1.05 on revenues of $16.77 billion.

What Drove Sprint’s Fiscal 2Q17 Earnings Growth?

Sprint’s (S) solid fiscal 2Q17 results suggest that its turnaround is on track and the company is indeed holding its own in an intensely competitive wireless environment.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Stable on November 22

On November 22, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.59% and closed the day at 3,430.46. The SPDR S&P China (GXC) rose 2.0% on November 21.


2013.02.26 - HDD Propane Non-Cum
Chilly weather is bullish indicator for propane distributors

Colder than normal weather last week resulted in a positive data point for propane distributors.

2013.02.26 - GT10 ST
Compression in interest rates helps MLP stocks

Last week’s slight downward movement in Treausry yields is a theoretical positive for MLP stocks, which are often sensitive to interest rates.

2013.02.26 - H0A0
Companies with funding needs could be hurt by rising rates

Investors owning non-investment grade companies with funding needs should watch movements in high yield bonds as increasing yields could mean higher funding costs.

2013.02.26 - Propane Prices
Lower propane prices positive for propane distributors

Propane prices are a major factor in the margins of propane distribution companies, with lower prices working to the companies’ advantage.

2013.02.26 - Nat Gas Power Gen
Why coal lost market share to natural gas

Sustained low natural gas prices have spurred power companies to use more natural gas in favor of coal when possible.

Market gains 02.07.2013
While the stock market is close to a new high, the market's PE ratio is not

As the S&P 500 index approaches new highs not seen since 2007, the current market’s P/E is some 2 multiple points lower than in ’07 which means that stocks are…

2013.02.26 - WTI-Brent Spread LT
Persistently wide WTI-Brent spread favors international producers

The US crude oil benchmark of WTI continues to trade behind Brent, resulting in domestic oil producers receiving less than their international counterparts for each barrel of oil produced.

2013.02.26 - HDD Gas Non-Cum
Frigid temps support nat gas prices

Last week’s colder than normal weather provided support to natural gas prices and nat gas stocks.

2013.02.25 - Natural Gas Prices ST
Rise in natural gas prices on the week is short term positive for nat gas names

Last week’s upward move in natural gas prices was a positive short term catalyst for domestic natural gas producers.

2013.02.25 - WTI vs XLE vs EOG
Domestic producers such as EOG hurt by slide in WTI prices

Last week, WTI prices slid downward which is a negative short-term catalyst for domestic oil and gas producers.

2013.02.25 - Nat Gas Rigs
More natural gas supply depresses valuations of CHK, other domestic gas names

Rigs targeting natural gas rose by seven last week, an unusual data point as natural gas rigs have largely been decreasing in response to low natural gas prices since 3Q11. Continued increases in rigs drilling could further depress natural gas prices.

2013.02.25 - Oil Rig Count
Are oil producers feeling uneasy about the future?

Last week, the count of oil rigs drilling decreased by eight. A continuation of this trend could signal that oil producers are feeling uneasy about the oil price or operating environment and want to cut back production.

Shipments Share 4Q12 02.14.2013
Mobile phone market share shifts to Apple in 4Q 2012

The iPhone 5 introduction in the fourth quarter of 2012 helped shift some market share to tech giant Apple (AAPL) in the most recent International Data Corporation (IDC) survey released…

Pensions Stocks 02.13.2013
Underfunded pensions could be assisted by higher returning stocks

As outlined in our article, Corporate pension plans now hold the lowest stock allocation in history, corporate pensions now have the lowest exposure to equities in history and will likely…

Performance for SEA and FXI
Will shipping continue to underperform Chinese ETF: FXI?

Simple strategies are memorable. Nonetheless, investors are often misinformed about how strategies came about and how they are supposed to be used. In the investing world, there are those who…

Tanker order may be bottoming, opportunities ahead

Investors can get a good sense of the shipping industry’s fundamentals by looking at companies’ ship orders. When demand for shipping is growing, or expected to grow, more than supply…

Bulk Broken Up
Aggressive bulk scrapping reducing capacity growth, value ahead

The rate at which companies retire ships often reveals whether the dry bulk shipping is facing excess capacity or not. Overly optimistic behavior among firms before 2008 created huge backlogs…

Brazil IGP-10 Feb 13
Brazil's inflation continues to increase, rates hike more likely

Brazil’s general index price showed continuation of the uptrend, increasing the likelihood of an increase in interest rates next March. The IGP-10 Index, published by the Brazilian Institute of Economy…

China Coking Coal Import
China imported record coking coal in December

China is the world’s second largest importer of coking coal, sometimes called metallurgical coal, behind Japan. Rising coking import volume can point to the country’s rising demand for steel rolls,…

Brazil IGP-10 Feb 13 Subs
Consumer inflation in Brazil inching above 6%, rate hike likely

The consumer component of the IGP-10 index published this week spiked driven by an increase in the consumer component of the index. The IGP-10 index is part of the General…


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