Important Events that Could Drive Markets this Week

President Trump’s executive order on healthcare, the Iran nuclear agreement, and news about North Korea preparing for a launch ahead of US–South Korea military exercises failed to trigger higher volatility.

US Steel Had a Big Week: What Happened?

US steel stocks have had a tepid year after the spectacular rally last year, and there’s a sense of apprehension in the market that US steel prices could go lower.

S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Closed Strong Last Week

The S&P 500 started last week on a weaker note. On October 13, the S&P 500 closed the day higher and ended the week with gains.

Wildfires in California Set PG&E Ablaze, Stock Tumbles 7%

PG&E Corporation saw its stock fall ~7% on October 12—its steepest fall in seven years—on speculations that downed power lines caused wildfires in California.


VNM Movement feb 2013
Vietnam, a top 2013 performer but a historic loser

Lists of best and worst performing stocks are an important tool in understanding global market currents and trends. However, over-reliance on these very rudimentary tools and headlines can lead investors…

BBRY delay 02.07.2013
New qwerty keyboard launch for 3Q adds product pipeline for BBRY

Recent reports suggest the launch of an additional version of the Blackberry 10 from mobile handset maker Blackberry (BBRY). On January 30th, the company announced the imminent launch of the…

Industrial Confidence Index
Confidence in the Colombian industrial sector wanes

The industrial confidence survey had mixed results, with a minor bias towards growth.

FA 1
Market cap to AUM is a great valuation metric for asset managers

Like many things in life, size matters, and in the asset management industry this paradigm is no different. A large asset management company is able to enjoy substantial incremental operating…

Carriers 01.29.2013
Carriers, the point of sale for the mobile device industry

Network carriers wear many hats which include providing customers video services over fiber optic networks, broadband internet access, and acting as a local exchange carrier for other phone operators under…

US High Yield Bond Fund Flows 2013-03-05
High Yield ETFs fund outflows may signal bear market for junk bonds

High yield fund flows had their largest outflow to date over the last couple weeks, almost wiping out year-to-date inflows from yield-starved investors. Fund flows into high yield funds is…

Tanker capacity continues to grow in January 2013

In the shipping industry, industry capacity has a significant impact on transportation prices. When capacity grows more than demand, rental prices, or day rates, generally fall as shipping companies try…

2013.01.23 WTI-MidlandDifferential
Basis differentials: Are your energy stocks earning less than you think?

Basis differentials can affect what prices oil companies receive for their production and are worth monitoring.

15 Year Old Vessel Price 2013-03-08
Panamax and Supramax purchase prices continue decline

Purchase prices for ships are often good indicators of financial health in the shipping industry. When shipping demand is growing more than the supply of ships, shipping companies will place…

China Met Coal Import and Shipping 2013-04-18
China's coking coal imports have interestingly moved opposite to shipping rates

China’s metallurgical coal imports make up ~15% to 25% of global metallurgical coal import volume. Rising imports are often a positive for the shipping industry, as it means more distribution…

Germany factory order
Germany's December factory orders may not be that bad

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and has helped cover China’s steel production increase for the past five years. Therefore, rising factory orders in Germany is positive for China because the…

Falling tanker orderbook level supports bearish fundamentals

The crude oil tankers orderbook is one of the most important measures that affects the performance of tanker investments. In a supply driven market, when there is excess supply and…

2013.01.25 - Crude Inventories
Higher than expected build in crude inventories is bearish indicator for crude prices and stocks

On January 24, the US Department of Energy (DOE) reported a build in crude oil inventories of 2,813 thousand (or 2.8 million) barrels.

2013.01.23 - Natural Gas LT v2
Natural gas prices continue rally, positive for some upstream energy names

Natural gas spot prices closed at $3.55/MMBtu (millions of British thermal units) on 1/23/13, up $0.12 from the prior week.

China PMI Data
China's October activity may point to shipping upside

China’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is an important outlook indicator for dry bulk shipping companies. The index has been closely followed by investors lately in order to assess China’s ability to sustain…

2013.02.07 - Saudi Oil Production
Saudi Arabia production remains near lows, supports oil prices and stocks

Saudi Arabia produced ~9.1 million barrels a day of oil in January, the lowest figure since May 2011, which is providing some support to crude oil prices.

2013.02.07 - China Export Growth
Strong China export figure a positive for oil prices and stocks

Strong economic data from China provides support to crude oil prices.

2013.02.07 - WTI Midland
Wide WTI-Midland spreads hit Permian producers

Increases in Permian oil production have caused Midland crude to trade at a discount to WTI, hurting some Permian producers.

2013.02.07 - Natural Gas Inventories
Another nat gas inventory draw below expectations, bearish for energy stocks

For the week ended February 7, natural gas inventories fell 118 bcf compared to consensus estimates of a 127 bcf withdrawal.

Brazil IGP Jan
Brazil's high inflation may trigger rates increase and market drop

The persistently high inflation in Brazil is likely to negatively affect its stock market. Inflation is a key metric for economies governed by an inflation-targeting monetary policy, such as Brazil…


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