Noble Energy's 3Q17: The Impact of Lower Production

Noble Energy’s revenue estimates for 3Q17 stand at $935.2 million, compared with its revenues of $910 million in 3Q17 and $1.06 billion in 2Q17.

Are US and OPEC Supplies Helping Crude Oil Bulls?

Crude oil prices are at a three-week high due to geopolitical tensions in Iraq and major producers’ ongoing production cuts.

How Indian Demand Could Influence Gold Prices

India and China remain the top two consumers of gold (IAU) and silver (SLV).

How Did Wall Street Perform on October 18?

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note following the fifth consecutive weekly gain. It continued to move higher on Wednesday.


lev market 1026
Leveraged loan market continues strong issuance and fund flows

The leveraged loan market rally continues; loan terms getting overly aggressive

chile fx evolution
Chile's Oct economist survey shows improving confidence in growth

Chile’s latest economists survey points towards increased GDP growth and currency appreciation

Peru GDP Growth Estimate
Peru to grow 6.0% in 2012, leading the pack in Latam

The latest 2012 full year GDP growth estimates have Peru at the lead and Brazil far behind

mex ipm Oct
Manufacturing orders in Mexico signal potential recession

The Mexican manufacturing survey (IPM index) showed a sharp negative reversal in October

VNM corr
Frontier markets provide better diversification than usual EM

Vietnam is considered a frontier market, which means that while it has an investable market, it is much smaller and less developed than the more mature emerging markets. Aside from lower…

Colombia rates
Colombia holds rates at 4.75%, supporting market growth expectations

Colombia leaves interest rates unchanged; cuts expected in the near term to further fuel growth

mex manufacturing emp
Mexican manufacturing sector holds steady

Manufacturing employment figures show that the sector is holding up and may experience growth in the short term

ECH to benefit long term from Cencosud's acquisition of Carrefour

ECH, the ETF tracking the Chilean market, was heavily affected by Cencosud’s announcement of Carrefour’s assets

Dev vs UnDev ETF corr
Correlation of Brazilian & US markets diminishes diversification

²Returns for markets that are positively correlated move in the same direction. The degree of this coordinated movement is measured by the correlation coefficient, which ranges from 0 (uncorrelated, random movement)…

TSMC (TSM) to succeed Samsung (KOR:5930) as the king of VWO

Vanguard announced that it will switch its VWO Emerging Markets ETF from the current MSCI Emerging Markets Index to the FTSE Emerging Markets Index. The key difference will be that…

FXI ETF holdings
Investing in China with FXI – Avoid fees, diversify

It is very difficult for U.S. investors to invest in China because of currency controls, and a lack of an adequate number of Chinese ADRs in the United States. Furthermore,…

Issuance by purpose
Nature of new high yield issuance points to continued rally

The high yield market is on track to break the yearly issuance record, new issuances are mostly refinancings

HY Issuance as of Oct 19 2012
Gains for high yield ETFs supported market fundamentals

High yield ETFs, such as iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond Fund (HYG) and SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond ETF (JNK), have maintained an upward trend since the dip in early June.  While many…

MSCI EM Country Weights
Popular emerging market ETFs are over 50% concentrated in Asian equities

Investing in the standard emerging markets ETFs leads to over concentration in Asian equities

Colombian Bank Shorting
Reducing financial sector exposure in your ETFs

How to short individual stocks to remove the exposure of specific sectors in your ETF investment

peruvian inflation
Peru holds rates at 4.25%; inflation pressures to drop

The Peruvian Central Bank bank maintained interest rate levels and disregarded inflation concerns as temporary


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