Energy Transfer Equity Fell 8.8% in November: Can It Recover?

Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) has fallen 8.8% since the start of November. It’s currently trading close to its five-month low.

Will Tiffany & Co. Shine in 3Q17?

Tiffany & Co. is expected to announce its fiscal 3Q17 earnings on November 29. Wall Street analysts expect its earnings to remain flat at $0.76 per share.

Will Jack in the Box Sell Qdoba Mexican Eats?

On November 22, Reuters reported that Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm, is closing on an agreement to buy Qdoba Mexican Eats from Jack in the Box (JACK) for more than $300 million.

Why Lowe’s 3Q17 Earnings Failed to Impress

Lowe’s Companies (LOW) posted its 3Q17 earnings on November 21. The company posted adjusted EPS (earnings per share) of $1.05 on revenues of $16.77 billion.


Home Equity
Aggregate home equity increases 9% in Q113

Corelogic puts out a quarterly report on aggregate home equity in the U.S. Corelogic’s Home Equity Report analyzes changes in home equity from a number of different perspectives. Home equity…

Indonesian Interest Rate and Inflation 2013-06-28
Indonesia tightens the belt, market starving and more to come

The government raised interest rates 25bps to 6% to fight inflation, though there’s are still more pains down the line. In an aggressive move against consensus forecast, the Indonesian government…

S&P 500 2013 Performance 2013-06-20
All-time low rates reaching the end of the line

The market reacted furiously at Bernanke’s post FOMC statements. Federal Chair Ben Bernanke finally gave a more concrete timeline of when the tapering of the monetary stimulus will begin and…

Malaysian Inflation 2013-06-30
Malaysian inflation creeping up, but low; rates to remain steady

The consumer price index in Malaysia continued its steady increase since the year started, keeping a pace low enough to prevent any rates hike in the short-term.  The consumer price…

MBA Refinance Index
Refinances tick up as bond market sell-off takes a breather

The MBA Refinance Index is an important index to forecast mortgage activity and prepayments The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Index of Refinance Activity measures application activity, not loans made. The Mortgage…

MBA Purchase Index
Home Purchase Index rises as mortgage rates fall

The MBA Purchase Index is an important index to forecast housing activity The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) index of purchase activity measures application activity, not loans made. The Mortgage Bankers…

Diana Shipping: the most undervalued dry bulk shipping company

A valuation ratio at a point in time does not say much about a company’s investment attractiveness; it is like getting a score for the number of times a batter…

Maturing contracts present significant downside for certain shipping firms

The two main markets for shipping companies, such as DryShips Inc. (DRYS), Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX), Navios Maritime Partners LP (NMM) and Safe Bulkers Inc. (SB), are spot (voyage) and…

2013.06.10 - Nat Gas Rig Count
Nat gas rigs flat for fourth week in a row, but still down almost 20 percent since 2012

Natural gas rigs finished flat another week, but remain down significantly since year-end 2012.

US High Yield Bond Market Issuance 2013-06-17
Issuers sit on the sidelines given pullback before Fed meeting

The high yield bond issuance remained at depressed levels as investor demand remained mute ahead of the FOMC meeting. Issuance volume is a good gauge of the sentiment of the…

US Leveraged Capital Market Flows 2013-06-17
Amidst a high yield turmoil, leveraged loans keep hoarding funds

As the bond market is making record outflows, the loan market retains large inflows. Fund flows offer insight of investors’ changing perception of various asset classes. Weekly fund flows are…

US High Yield Bond Fund Flows 2013-06-17
High yield bonds, the pain continues and will only get worse

The fund flows for last week once again plummeted as investors remove cash from bonds ahead of the FOMC meeting. Fund flows are key in determining the sentiment of investors…

2013.06.11 - GT10 ST
Why ten year Treasury yields are at 52-week highs and how it affects MLPs

Rates have backed up significantly over the past few weeks which is negative for MLP names.

Hovnanian reports 24% increase in revenues

Hovnanian is a home builder that runs the gamut of price points Hovnanian (HOV) is a New Jersey based home builder that concentrates on everything from low-income housing to luxury…

Fannie Mae TBA
Fannie Mae MBS fall again, but at a slower pace

Mortgage backed securities are the starting point for all mortgage market pricing, and are the investment of choice for mortgage REITs When the Federal Reserve talks about buying mortgage backed…

2013.06.11 - YTW on Select HG MLP Bonds
Shaky debt capital markets adversely affect cash-hungry MLPs

Over the past several weeks, debt funding has become more expensive for MLPs as interest rates have backed up broadly.

Baltic Shipping Index by Ship Class 2013-06-10
Spot rates to remain low short-term, negative for dry bulk firms

As much of the dry bulk shipping industry’s service is commoditized, supply and demand balance is one of the most important drivers for dry bulk companies’ top and bottom line…

2013.06.11 - Current Dividend Yield on MLPs
MLPs yields broadly up over past two weeks

Dividend yields increased slightly for many MLPs, which makes fundraising through equity issuance more expensive.

JOLT Job Openings
Job openings fall in April

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLT) report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a good forward indicator of the labor market.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) compiles…

NFIB Small Business Optimism
NFIB Small Business Optimism Survey hits a 12-month high

The National Federation of Independent Business Optimism Survey is a finger on the pulse of small business The National Federation of Independent Business is a monthly report which contains a…


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