Why Bank of America Beat Analyst Estimates in 2Q17

Bank of America (BAC) posted EPS of $0.46 in 2Q17, beating analyst estimates of $0.43. This improvement resulted from growth in its Consumer, Global Banking, Wealth, and Investment Management segments.

Why Analysts Are Confident in PPG despite Its 2Q17 Revenue Miss

PPG Industries announced its 2Q17 earnings results before the market opened on July 20, 2017. The company reported 2Q17 revenue of $3.8 billion.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Weak on July 21

China’s market regained strength this week amid improved market sentiment. It gained for three consecutive trading days until Thursday.

What the Market Expects from Dunkin’ Brands' 2Q17

Dunkin’ Brands, the owner of the Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins brands, is scheduled to announce its 2Q17 earnings before the market opens on July 27, 2017.


2013.02.04 - US Nat Gas Inventories
Natural gas inventories fell less than expected, bearish indicator for nat gas stocks & ETFs

Smaller than expected reduction in natural gas inventories is bearish indicator for natural gas producers and certain energy ETFs.

2013.02.04 - Corp Bond Yields
Rising rates would be negative for energy companies with funding needs

Higher corporate credit yields means more expensive borrowing rates for companies, therefore higher yields are generally negative for companies, especially those with high funding needs.

2013.02.04 - WTI Prices
Crude oil prices continue advance, positive for energy stocks and ETFs

Crude oil prices are a major driver of the valuation of energy stocks and therefore energy ETFs as higher crude oil prices result in higher revenues and valuation for oil producers.

2013.02.04 - ND Crude Production
Bakken shale boom benefits midstream names in the area

The Bakken shale boom in North Dakota benefits certain midstream companies operating in the area.

Baltic Dry Index
Rental rates for dry bulk shipping continue to fall

Just like Wall Street traders often say price action is a key forward indicator to monitor, the Baltic Dry Index is an important leading indicator for the bulk shipping industry.…

Dry bulk capacity marches north in January 2013

In the shipping industry, excess capacity has a significant impact on the price of transporting goods. When capacity grows more than demand, prices generally fall as shipping companies try to…

HY Vol Feb 1
Record high yield issuance in January may be too much

The high yield market finish with record issuance in January 2013, though how much is too much? Abundant investor liquidity has continued to attract more issuers to the market. Issuers…

LL Flows Feb 1
Loan inflows continue fueling new loans, but prices will be capped

Leveraged loans inflows continued to be very strong for the 33rd consecutive week. The additional funds continue to add to the abundant liquidity in the sector. With the stock market…

LL Vol Feb 1
Loan issuance remains strong, but prices capped given repricings

January 2013 loan issuance was among the top months on record. Volume was fueled by repricings that are putting downward pressure on loan yields. Due to the repricings, loan prices are higher than…

HSBC's Vietnam PMI 2013-03-11
Vietnam’s manufacturing finally stabilizes but stagnates

As mentioned previously PMI, or Purchasing Managers Index, is a leading indicator of the health of a country’s manufacturing sector. A number above 50 indicates an expansion and a number…

Vietnam's Decreasing Orders and Buffers 2013-03-10
Vietnamese manufacturing ratios tell a different story than PMI

Purchasing Managers Index, or PMI, is more suited as an operations measure than as a financial measure for returns. This is because PMI is a weighted average of the following…

2013.01.24 - Baker Hughes Rigs
Why natural gas supply hasn’t fallen off with rig counts

Natural gas rigs have continued to drop, however, to date there has not been a meaningful reduction in supply leaving prices near historic lows.

Brasil Unemployment 12 vs 11
Brazil’s unemployment hits low, but in line with previous year

While Brazil achieved a historically low unemployment rate in December 2012, the value is in line with December 2011.

Brasil Unemployment by Industry
Brazilian large caps may be better option than small caps

December data showed greatest increases in unemployment came from sectors in which Brazilian small cap ETFs are concentrated

Brasil Unemployment by Metro
Brazil poised for growth as unemployment drops in trade hubs

Most of the drop in Brazilian unemployment occurred in regions focused on industrial production and international trade.

LCDX19 Jan 31
Leveraged loan market’s tightening spreads are unsustainable

The leveraged loan market yields continue falling, making some financial professionals uneasy about how sustainable the rally may be. The leveraged loan market is composed of all term loans paying LIBOR…

Flows 1 01.31.2013
Equity fund flows continue higher but international flow still stronger than domestic

With equity markets continuing to trend higher across the globe to start the year, mutual fund flow continues to improve as investors allocate more money to stocks to potentially capture…

Issuance by purpose and refis2
High yield market issuance continues to be driven by refinancings

The vast majority of the issue volume this year has been composed of refinancings, creating a cycle self-fueling cycle

Mex IPM Dec 13 Subs
Mexican manufacturing survey hints at growth despite flat data

Decomposing the elements of the latest Mexican IPM survey shows that managers may be ready to return to growth mode

mex ipm jan
Latest Mexican manufacturing survey shows flat, yet high reading

The latest Mexican IPM survey showed a reading equal to the previous month, but value remains at year high


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