Shock Waves: Qatar's Crisis Impacts the Global Economy

Decades of cold war among GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) members in the Middle East resulted in the Qatar crisis in 2017.

Good News: Deere Will Pay Its Third Dividend in 2017

So far, Deere’s (DE) shareholders have cherished the run that it has seen in 2017. Deere’s stellar performance caused its stock to rise 22.30%.

Pre-Market Report: Weaker Global Markets and Stable Commodities

On June 22, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.28% and ended the day at 3,147.45. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) rose 0.7% to $89.18 on June 21.

Target Is Getting Crushed: Can It Weather the Storm?

Target stock will likely remain under pressure due to increased competition, which will hurt its store traffic and result in lower sales.


2013.03.18 - US Natural Gas Rig Count
Last week saw largest single weekly increase in natural gas rigs since January 2010

The Baker Hughes US Natural Gas Rig Count increased last week by 24, the largest weekly increase in natural gas rigs since January 2010.

2013.03.14 - Nat Gas HDD
Natural gas gained last week despite warmer than normal temps

Last week’s warmer than normal weather was a short-term negative catalyst for natural gas prices. However, natural gas still advanced on the week due to a larger than expected inventory draw and the expectation of future cold weather.

2013.03.14 - Propane HDD
Last week’s warmer than normal weather was negative for propane names

Warmer weather for the week ended March 15 was a negative short-term indicator for propane distributors such as AmeriGas, Ferrellgas, and Suburban Propane.

2013.03.14 - GT10 ST
Continued dip in Treasury yields could benefit MLP stocks

Last week, yields on the ten-year Treasury moved down by 5 basis points. A continued compression in Treasury yields could be positive for MLP valuation.

Tanker order shows stabilizing fundamentals, turnaround possible

Tanker orders are great metrics for long term fundamentals Tanker orders are useful metrics for reviewing oil shipping company managers’ assessment of long term demand and supply balance. Firms will…

BB10 2 rollover 03.15.2013
Large 1 million handset order for BBRY won’t move the needle yet

With the ongoing launch of the company’s latest handset, Blackberry was rumored to have received a very large enterprise order of 1 million handsets this week. While a single order…

2013.03.18 - Oil rigs
Oil rig counts were flat last week, but are up slightly for the year

Last week the Baker Hughes US Oil Rig Count was unchanged at 1,341. US oil rig counts have increased slightly since the beginning of the year.

2013.03.18 - WTI ST
Continued rising WTI crude prices benefit US oil producers

Last week, WTI crude oil prices increased by 1.6% which is a positive catalyst for domestic oil producers.

2013.03.18 - Brent Crude ST
Brent crude prices declined slightly last week hurting international oil producers

Brent crude prices declined slightly for the week ended March 15. Lower Brent crude prices can mean lower revenues for international producers of oil.

HSBC Russian PMI 2013-03-20
Russia HSBC Composite PMI up again, though manufacturing was weak

The HSBC Composite PMI for Russia was marginally up in February, implying continued modest expansion. The HSBC Composite PMI is composed of the Manufacturing PMI and the Services PMI. Both are surveys similar to the…

Russian Fixed Overnight Rates and CPI  2013-03-18
Russia maintains interest rates despite inflation risks ahead

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) maintained the overnight deposit rate at 4.5% and the fixed repo rate at 6.5%, which was expected by most analysts. The CBR, though, highlighted the issue…

Chinese Stock Market 2013-03-14
Key sectors and ETFs benefiting from Chinese reforms

While most of the news hype has passed, several sectors will benefit long term as Chinese reforms are implemented. Most railway operators will benefit from the Chinese reforms since the administrative…

Mexican Industrial Production 2013-03-14
Mexican industrial activity rebounds strongly, resparking hopes of avoiding dip

The Mexican industrial activity for January recovered 1.1% versus December 2012 after having dropped over 2% the previous month. The industrial production figures are seasonally adjusted, so any calendar effects…

Mexican Economic Indicators 2013-03-14
Mexican cyclical indicators pointing towards bounce

The January reading of the Mexican leading cyclical indicator points to a recovery in the short term. The cyclical indicators published by the Mexican Institute for Statistics and Geography (INEGI)…

US Crude Oil Production and Import 2013-03-10
Growing US domestic production is a risk for crude tankers

United States crude oil import is important business source for tankers The United States is by far the largest importer of crude oil, importing roughly 8 million barrels a day,…

US Oil Production and Trade 2013-03-10
US total oil trade favors product over crude tankers

Although U.S. oil import data is one of the metrics that investors can use to analyze the effects of domestic oil production on demand for tankers that transport oil across…

Total bond 03.14.2013
Bond fund flow has its best week in six weeks

Total bond fund flows, including both taxable and tax-free fixed income, had the strongest weekly inflow in six weeks as money continues to come off of the sidelines into both…

World equity 03.14.2013
Foreign stock fund flow continues higher to start March

In a divergence from domestic stock mutual funds, which had outflows last week, foreign stock mutual funds continued their inflow streak of 9 weeks to start 2013. World equity mutual…

Domestic equity 03.14.2013
Domestic equity funds experience second consecutive week of redemptions

While the year-to-date trend in domestic equity mutual fund flow is much improved, U.S. stock funds posted their second consecutive weekly outflow as investor’s pulled money out of actively managed…

US Leveraged Capital Market Flows 2013-03-14
Leveraged loans see renewed competition for funds from high yield

The high yield fund flows last week turned back to positive while the leveraged loan fund flows showed a deceleration. Fund flows are an important metric in gauging investor demand…


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