Market Realist Tech Weekly: May 15–19, 2017

The tech sector has been the best-performing sector YTD (year-to- date). The sector has returned 16.9% YTD through May 19, 2017.

ETE, EPD, KMI, and WMB: How Midstream Giants Stand after 1Q17

This series analyzes the earnings and financial profiles of the four midstream giants: Enterprise Products Partners (EPD), Energy Transfer Equity (ETE), Kinder Morgan (KMI), and Williams Companies (WMB). All four companies are down so far in 2017.

JACK Lowers Its EPS Guidance on Weak Fiscal 2Q17 Sales

Jack in the Box (JACK) posted its fiscal 2Q17 earnings on May 16, 2017. JACK posted adjusted EPS of $0.98 on revenues of $369.4 million.

Pre-Market Report: Why Are Global Markets Mixed on May 22?

After gaining some strength last week and breaking a five-week losing streak, China’s Shanghai Composite Index opened the week on a weaker note.


Brazilian Unemployment
Unemployment in Brazil holds steady at historical lows

Unemployment in Brazil has reached historically low levels and further improvement is unlikely

mex cons ind
Leading indicators show Mexican economy may slow down

Mexico’s leading economic indicators signal a potential slow down

Colombia Wage Rise
Lower wage increase expectations in Colombia, though still above inflation

Expectations of wage increases in Colombia have decreased, though levels are still above expected inflation

hy 1026
High yield market continues strong issuance, though fund flows dwindle

High yield market rally maintains momentum, but fund flows remain weak

peru act
Survey shows Peruvian economy may be slowing down

Country business confidence surveys are useful in gauging the overall entrepreneurial climate of a country. The country’s central bank and/or other trade or economic research organizations in the country usually…

peru inflation
Peru’s inflation excluding food & fuel actually decreased in Sept

Several central banks implement monetary policy based on inflation targeting. The purpose of this is to gauge where inflation may be going to decide whether to tighten or loosen interest rates to…

Why PIK toggle bonds may be a warning sign for high yield bonds

The recent PIK bond issuances may be a sign of an overheated bond market

mex const
Mexican construction sector flat during August

Mexican construction sector showed an increase in labor hours but flat employment, possibly implying lack of confidence in growth

mexican trade
Mexico’s trade balance shows minor surplus

A country’s trade balance is the net balance of exports minus imports, or in other words, it is the difference between a country’s production and its domestic demand. It is…

Callable Bond
HYG is trading at call, implying limited upside on price appreciation

HYG, the high yield bond ETF, is trading near the fund’s aggregate call price, implying limited upside

mex CPI mid Oct
Mexican prices drop mid-month, calming fears of tightening rates

After five months of increasing inflation, the mid-October reading of the consumer price index points to lower inflation

Colombia GDP Expectations
Colombia’s 2012 GDP growth on track to reach 4.7%

Colombia’s latest GDP growth expectations survey pointed towards a healthy 4.7% GDP growth for 2012

Selic rate evolution
Brazil cuts interest rates, stock market gets a boost

Brazilian equities jump as the Central Bank cuts the Selic rate to 7.25%

lev market 1026
Leveraged loan market continues strong issuance and fund flows

The leveraged loan market rally continues; loan terms getting overly aggressive

chile fx evolution
Chile’s Oct economist survey shows improving confidence in growth

Chile’s latest economists survey points towards increased GDP growth and currency appreciation

Peru GDP Growth Estimate
Peru to grow 6.0% in 2012, leading the pack in Latam

The latest 2012 full year GDP growth estimates have Peru at the lead and Brazil far behind

mex ipm Oct
Manufacturing orders in Mexico signal potential recession

The Mexican manufacturing survey (IPM index) showed a sharp negative reversal in October

VNM corr
Frontier markets provide better diversification than usual EM

Vietnam is considered a frontier market, which means that while it has an investable market, it is much smaller and less developed than the more mature emerging markets. Aside from lower…

Why do price-to-earnings ratios differ among agriculture stocks?

In the agriculture industry, public companies’ valuation multiples depend primarily on two factors: growth and risk. The following table shows the forward valuation multiples of five agriculture companies: Monsanto (MON),…

Colombia rates
Colombia holds rates at 4.75%, supporting market growth expectations

Colombia leaves interest rates unchanged; cuts expected in the near term to further fuel growth


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