Has the Monsanto-Bayer Merger Hit a Snag?

Almost a year ago, Bayer announced that it signed a merger agreement with Monsanto (MON) for $66 billion or $128 per Monsanto share.

Analyzing Deere's Quarterly Dividend before Its Record Date

Deere’s board has declared the regular quarterly dividend that will be paid on its outstanding shares. Deere will be paying a dividend of $0.60 per share.

Pre-Market Report: Mixed Global Markets, Decreased Risk Appetite

On September 19, 2017, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.18% and ended at 3,356.84. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) rose 1.1% and closed at 104.38.

Is the Bank of England Joining the Hawkish Club?

At its September meeting, the Bank of England left the benchmark interest rates unchanged at 0.25%.


KKR: A global investment company with expanding assets and strong performance

KKR is currently managing more than $98 billion for its various clients spread around the globe.

Lessons Learned From The Bond Market Surprises in 2014

US Treasury yields have stayed low due to soft global growth. Yields have been driven down since the financial crisis due to the Fed’s bond buying program.

FSL-NXPI Spread Analysis
The Freescale–NXP merger: An arbitrageur's take on the deal

The key to the Freescale–NXP merger is the timing. The companies are guiding to a 2H15 close, likely in the fourth quarter.

Highlights of Renaissance Technologies' 4Q14 positions

Renaissance Technologies’ portfolio increased to $41.42 billion in the fourth quarter, compared to $36.52 billion in the third quarter.

Debunking The Myth Of An Oil-Driven Market Sell-off

Lower crude oil prices could hurt the growth of oil-rich economies. Russia’s fortunes are heavily linked to oil prices. A slump in oil prices is negative for Russia’s economy.

eBay reports 4Q14 earnings: Investors need to watch this company in 2015

After the separation of eBay and PayPal, eBay management plans to pursue an IPO (initial public offering) or sale of eBay Enterprise.

Key for investors: Gold is at $1,200 per ounce, again

On March 4, 2015, the April gold futures settled near the day’s low—down by 0.29%. Gold prices are in a deep downward trend from the highs of August 2011.

Crude did a u-turn – closed above the 50-day moving average

The EIA reported that crude oil inventories increased by 10.3 MMbbls for the week ending February 27, 2015. Crude oil prices settled 2% up for the day.

Natural gas is below 2.80 resistance – will it break tomorrow?

The April natural gas futures increased on March 4, 2015, due to the estimation of extended cold weather in major parts of the US.

Why are coal producers sweating in the middle of winter?

Currently, the coal industry is going through heightened volatility. As a result, it makes even more sense for us to cover the short-term indicators.

us natgas inv
Good weather, ample supply sets natural gas price forecast

Natural gas inventory levels have a direct bearing on natural gas prices, which in turn affect the profitability of natural gas producers.

US casino indicators: Why you should keep an eye on them

Two ETFs that track the casino industry underperformed SPY last month, perhaps due to some profit booking on major casino shares.

High yield bond issuance rises as leveraged loan issuance slows

The S&P 500 remained above 2,100, but ended lower for the week, while the DJIA was marginally down from its previous week’s closing level.

A key overview of Caxton Associates’ 4Q14 holdings

Caxton Associates’ portfolio fell from $3.04 billion in 3Q14 to $1.29 billion in 4Q14.

AIG’s 4Q14 and fiscal 2014 earnings: Key takeaways

AIG reported a net income dip from $2.0 billion in 4Q13 to $655 million in 4Q14, due to an after-tax charge of ~$800 million for debt retirement activities.

As crude oil price recovers, could the US rig count plateau?

In the last year, the total US rig count has dropped by 502, or 28%. The number of oil rigs decreased by 444, or 31%.

Natural gas prices barely hold on as weather reports spook traders

This series covers the latest action in natural gas prices. Natural gas prices were under pressure due to bearish inventory withdrawals and oversupply.

Supply and demand: Will crude oil prices maintain their support levels?

Crude oil prices settled higher on March 3, 2015, led by supply disruptions in Libya and Iraq as well as an improving demand outlook.

Gold prices keep a $1,200 support level despite poor conditions

Gold prices are trading almost 37% lower than they were in August 2011. The drop in gold prices was due to the strong US dollar.

Yellen's testimony moves Treasuries

Yields on Treasuries fell across the yield curve last week, primarily driven by Janet Yellen’s congressional testimony on monetary policy.


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