Under Armour Stock Surges after Beating 1Q17 Estimates

The Baltimore-based Under Armour (UAA) reported its results for 1Q17 on Thursday, April 27. Here’s what you need to know.

CVR Refining Reports Strong 1Q17 Results: Stock Surges 8%

CVR Refining (CVRR) reported its 1Q17 results on April 27, 2017. EBITDA was $114.5 million compared to $35.1 million for 1Q16.

Dow Chemical in the Red despite 1Q17 Earnings Beat

Dow Chemical (DOW) announced its 1Q17 earnings on April 27, 2017. It reported operating EPS of $1.04, a rise of 16.9% over the previous year.

Pre-Market Report: Weaker Global Markets and Strong Commodities

After gaining for three consecutive trading days, China’s Shanghai Composite Index lost momentum and closed almost flat on April 28.


Eurozone Real GDP Change
Eurozone economic activity falls steeper last quarter

A country’s economic activity affects all industries. The shipping industry, which is highly sensitive to industrial production, is no exception. This means shipping companies, that are crucial in transporting raw…

China and Shipping ETFs
Shipping has moved closely with China

China is the world’s largest producer of steel. It is also the largest importer of iron ore and second in coking coal, both which are needed to make steel. As…

Eurozone Industrail Production
Eurozone industrial output rises, aids shipping

The Eurozone is China’s major trading partner. Most of the goods exchanged revolve around manufacturing or industrial products. Thus, when the region’s industrial production rises, it is common to see…

Mex Prod Conf Subs Jan 13
More Mexican business managers feel now is a good time to invest

The latest Producer Confidence Survey (IPC) showed managers were less negative about investing in Mexico. The IPC is a monthly survey covering the manufacturing sector in Mexico and aims to…

Eurozone Leading Indicator
Eurozone leading indicator supports ongoing turnaround

Analysts, portfolio managers and policymakers love leading indicators because of their forward looking qualities. The Eurozone leading indicator is one such metric that often gives clues to the region’s economic…

China CPI
China’s January inflation eases, positive for shipping

Inflation rates are watched closely by analysts and market makers as they affect what policymakers decide to do with monetary policy1. Lower inflation is positive for an economy since it…

China PPI Jan 13
China’s producer prices drop, benefiting margins

The December producer price index for China posted another contraction, though the values are slowly moving towards positive territory. Producer prices are important since they represent the cost of the…

2013.02.14 - EPD Dividend Yield
Continued strong capital markets activity in MLP space is bullish

Last week’s capital markets activity demonstrated that MLPs continue to be able to access the debt and equity markets at attractive rates which is positive for growth.

China Consumer Confidence
Chinese consumers still optimistic, but less than before

The December Chinese consumer index showed a drop that continued the downtrend started in November. The index is composed of the consumer expectations and consumer satisfaction indices, which are based…

Mex IPM Jan 13 Subs
Mexico’s manufacturing expects lower pipeline and employment

The latest IPM1 index in Mexico showed that production decreased significantly. The IPM survey polls a large sample of the 5,000+ registered manufacturing companies in Mexico. It is a relative…

Mex IPM Jan 13
Mexican manufacturing sector loses confidence

The latest manufacturing survey in Mexico showed a loss of confidence in the sector. The Mexican IPM (purchasing managers index) is very similar to the well-known ISM (Institute of Supply…

When steel rises, shipping rises

Comparing industries’ performances is used by analysts to understand their relationships. By doing so, sometimes investment opportunities can be uncovered that the market has overlooked. The steel industry is one…

Brazil IC Triangle Jan 13
Industrial confidence in Brazil continues steady expansion

Confidence surveys are a valuable tool to quantify the evolution of the general sentiment about a sector. These are surveys that ask respondents from several companies across industries to compare the current situation…

Mex Unemp Dec 13
Unemployment in Mexico remains strong and returns to below 5%

Unemployment in Mexico dropped again below 5%, temporarily easing fears of a reversal in the decreasing trend observed since February. For a market like Mexico, unemployment values above 5% are…

Petrobras Total Investments
Taking advantage of Brazilian energy capex opportunities through Oil & Gas Services

Many Exploration and Production companies such as Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA, also known as Petrobras (PBR)  are focusing a majority of their exploration and development effort on deep-water oil wells. In…

WTI Spot Price
Commodity prices drive Helmerich & Payne’s revenue up 27.28% year-over-year

For the oil and natural gas industry, the spot prices of crude oil and natural gas are usually not as important as the long term trend, mainly due to hedging…

Mex IP Dec 13
Industrial Production in Mexico slams on the breaks

Industrial production in Mexico was flat year-over-year in December. Industrial production is an important gauge of an overall economy since its driven by the consumer’s current demand and producers expectations…

smith bits
New spear bit increases unconventional shale play drilling efficiency 22%

Unconventional shale plays are usually unprofitable due to geological conditions making extraction difficult. With the rise of hydraulic fracturing, natural gas prices suffer from oversupply and lack of demand, which…

VNM Movement feb 2013
Vietnam, a top 2013 performer but a historic loser

Lists of best and worst performing stocks are an important tool in understanding global market currents and trends. However, over-reliance on these very rudimentary tools and headlines can lead investors…

BBRY delay 02.07.2013
New qwerty keyboard launch for 3Q adds product pipeline for BBRY

Recent reports suggest the launch of an additional version of the Blackberry 10 from mobile handset maker Blackberry (BBRY). On January 30th, the company announced the imminent launch of the…


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