PVH Corporation’s Stock Jumps after Its Solid 1Q17 Results

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) reported its 1Q17 results after the market closed on May 25, 2017. The company delivered beats on its top and bottom lines.

Best Buy’s Stock Was Soaring, and Here's Why

Best Buy’s (BBY) stock surged 21.5% on May 25 in reaction to the company’s strong fiscal 1Q18 results and upgraded outlook.

Costco Tops Estimates: Will Stock Move Even Higher?

Costco Wholesale (COST) posted better-than-expected fiscal 3Q17 results after the market closed on May 25, 2017. COST stock rose ~2.0% after hours.

Pre-Market Report: Mixed Global Sentiment amid Oil Sell-Off

Weakness in the energy sector along with the rising yen weighed on Japan’s Nikkei index. On May 26, Nikkei closed at 19,686.84 with a fall of 0.64%.


HSBC_Markit Vietnam PMI 2013-04-02
Vietnam’s PMI indicates return to stability

Vietnam’s PMI hits a 23-month high, although not an impressive one Vietnam’s manufacturing PMI, or Purchasing Managers Index, for March came in at a 23-month high of 50.8. While the…

Vietnam's Gross Manufacturing Margins Indicators 2013-04-02
Manufacturers in Vietnam feel margin squeeze

Input prices continue to rise; output prices make marginal gains for the second time in 9 months HSBC released their PMI report for March on April 1st 2013 indicating that…

2013.04.03 - YTW Large Cap
Cost of debt was low, but keeps getting lower for MLPs

Yields on corporate credit (including that of the MLP sector) have continued to compress, which has resulted in cheap debt capital and therefore a positive environment for MLP growth.

2013.04.03 - MLP Div Yields ST
Cost of equity continues to trend lower for MLPs, providing cheap capital for growth

The cost of equity for most MLPs has decreased dramatically since the financial crisis, and dividend yields continued to compress through the month of March.

China Iron Ore Inventory March 29th 2013
Falling iron ore inventory due to higher demand supports dry bulk shipping

The amount of iron ore at Chinese ports is a good indicator of future iron ore shipments. When inventory levels are high, China will hold off on additional imports, lowering…

Thermal Coal Port Inventory 2013-03-29
Thermal coal inventory remains high, short term risk for dry bulk shipping

Inventory levels for thermal coal at Chinese ports reflect the safety net that companies decide to hold, as well as the difference in expected and actual demand. When inventory rises…

Falling backlog shows elevated supply growth, but will shipping hurt?

Ship orders are useful metrics in uncovering managers’ perspectives of the industry’s long term demand and supply balance. Dry bulk shipping companies will often place new orders when future demand…

30 percent lower supply growth points to a brighter outlook for dry bulk

Supply growth is one of the key drivers of day rates. When supply grows faster than demand, competition among individual shipping firms will rise as they try to utilize idle…

Encouraging sign of tanker recovery: vessels on order rise most since early 2013

Tanker orders often reflect what oil shipping company managers’ expectations of future supply and demand are. Managers will often place new orders when future demand is expected to increase more…

2013.04.01 - Yields on BAML HY Master II
Why corporate credit yields matter for companies needing cash

The yield on the BAML High Yield Index fell throughout the month of March, signaling that the cost of debt for high yield companies continues to decrease in a positive sign for companies needing funds.

2013.04.01 - Propane HDD
Propane distributors should see earnings boost from recent sustained cold weather

Continued colder weather last week should benefit propane distributors’ earnings.

2013.04.01 - Nat Gas HDD
Cold snap continued into late March spurring higher natural gas demand

Continued cold weather into late March provided support to natural gas prices, which have had a strong rally since mid-February.

2013.04.01 - Frac Spread ST
After five weeks of declines frac spreads were up this week; bullish for gas processing MLPs

Fractionation spreads last week increased, in a positive short-term catalyst for MLPs with gas processing operations.

2013.04.01 - WTI-Midland Spread
Midland-WTI continued to close tighter last week, benefitting Permian producers such as CXO

Midland-WTI differentials blew out to $14 per barrel earlier this year, but have since closed to nearly $0 which benefits Permian based producers.

2013.04.01 - NGL Composite Barrel
Rich gas producers benefitted from slightly higher NGL prices last week

Natural gas liquids prices increased last week, which is positive for companies with a large proportion of production coming from rich gas resources.

2013.04.01 - OPEC Production
OPEC output declined to lowest point since November 2011 last month

OPEC oil production dropped to the lowest point since November 2011 last month.

2013.04.01 - BBB vs AMLP
March saw some closing of relative value gap between MLPs and corp credit, but wide spreads persist

For the month of March, the spread between the Alerian MLP Index Yield and BBB corporate credit closed somewhat, but the gap still remains wide relative to the historical average.

2013.04.01 - Baker Hughes Natural Gas Rigs ST
Nat gas rigs dropped to new lows despite better price environment

Natural gas rigs dropped off significantly last week, which was unexpected given the recent rally in natural gas prices.

2013.04.01 - WTI Bakken Crude
Bakken differentials swing to positive, benefiting producers in the area

Recently the differentials between Bakken crude and WTI crude have closed and stabilized as transportation capacity out of the region has increased to meet production growth.

2013.03.29 - WTI Crude ST
WTI crude continues strong four week rally

WTI crude finished up on the week to recover to near 2013 highs.


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