Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Weak amid the Tech Sell-Off

On July 28, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.11% and ended the day at 3,253.24. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) fell 0.48% to $95.76 on July 27.

National Oilwell Varco's 2Q17 Earnings Beat Estimates

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) released its 2Q17 financial results on July 27, 2017. The company recorded total revenues of ~$1.76 billion in 2Q17.

Why Didn't Domino’s 2Q17 Earnings Impress Investors?

For 2Q17, Domino’s reported adjusted earnings per share of $1.32 on revenues of $628.6 million, representing a 34.6% rise.

Operating Loss Could Be in the Cards for Under Armour in 2Q17

Under Armour (UAA) is expected to report results for 2Q17 on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.


crude inventories
Energy insight: Inside crude price fluctuations

Analysts expected a gain of 0.75 million barrels in crude inventories last week. This series will cover actual changes in inventories.

4 ways to increase your corporate bond exposure

Record low U.S. Treasury rates continue to push investors to find yield elsewhere, and it seems that corporations are rushing to meet the demand. Matt Tucker explains.

5 reasons excessively low rates could harm the economy

Like quantitative easing before it, the Fed’s zero interest rate policy may actually be inhibiting economic growth and job creation in unintended ways. Rick Rieder explains.

Why you should overcome these 3 bad investing behaviors

Do you avoid the stock market? Shun diversification? Trade inefficiently? Russ and guest blogger Nelli Oster — an investment strategist on Russ’ team — examine three common bad behaviors among investors.

Initial Jobless Claims
Why initial jobless claims remain at boom-time levels

Initial jobless claims are one of the few labor market indicators released every week. Unemployment is a profound driver of economic growth.

Bloomberg Consumer Comfort
Consumer comfort ticks down as personal finance deteriorates

According to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, perceptions of the economy are highly negative, 23% positive versus 77% negative.

3 must-read reasons to consider emerging Asian markets

Though EM stocks have been struggling of late, Russ still believes investors should have emerging market exposure, particularly in emerging Asia. He provides three reasons why.

Does the August jobs report mean US growth is softening?

After a weaker-than-expected August jobs report, many investors were wondering whether the U.S. economy is softening. Russ explains why he still expects a strong U.S. economy in 2014, noting three takeaways for investors.

Investing in municipal bonds: Your 3-step workout

It’s been a solid run for municipal bonds so far in 2014. And that has many investors wondering what to do next. Peter Hayes prescribes a three-step muni workout.

Must-know: Preparing your equity portfolio for rising rates

While Russ doesn’t foresee a bond market meltdown, he does expect that rates will rise in coming years and he offers three suggestions for positioning equity portfolios in preparation.

5 signs from the Fed statement of a sooner-than-expected rate hike

More importantly than whether the Fed’s recent policy statement was “dovish” or “hawkish,” the statement provided five signs that a Fed rate hike is likely to come earlier than many expect, writes Rick Rieder.

2 important global themes that investors should focus on now

With countries’ growth, monetary policy and market performance increasingly diverging, Russ shares two themes investors should focus on as year-end approaches.

Must-know: Highlights of Maverick Capital's 2Q14 13F

Maverick Capital practices a long and short equity investment philosophy with a fundamental, bottom-up approach that emphasizes the quality of management teams.

3 reasons to stay flexible in your bond portfolio

With interest rates volatile and market conditions changing, these are tricky times for bond markets. Rick Rieder outlines three ways markets are evolving, and suggests that staying flexible will be critical.

3 reasons why the US dollar should strengthen in 2014

Many investors are asking me about my outlook for the currency for the rest of 2014. First, it’s important to put recent gains in context. The dollar, along with every other asset class, has been volatile over the past five years.

3 must-know truths about emerging market investments

The recent emerging market selloff is a good reminder of three truths about investing in the asset class. Investors continue to abandon emerging markets.

Must-know: Assessing Highfields Capital's 2Q14 positions

Highfields Capital Management LP, the Boston-based fund founded by Jonathon Jacobson, disclosed new positions in its 13F filing last month. In this series, we’ll discuss the main positions traded during the second quarter.

3 reasons you should consider frontier markets

Looking for the next frontier in emerging market investing? Del Stafford dives into these underdeveloped countries to assess the investment case.

Are higher rates on the horizon? 3 key implications

Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s comment that the Fed could hike short-term rates six-months following the end of quantitative easing (or QE) earlier this year, came as a surprise.

Why the utilities sector is looking less scary for investors now

If you follow my investment views, you know that for the past two years (2012 and 2013), the utilities sector has been one of my least favorite areas of the market.


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