Home Depot’s Strong 2Q17 Earnings Still Have Investors Wary

The largest home improvement retailer in the world, Home Depot (HD), announced its 2Q17 earnings on August 15. Compared to 2Q16, EPS rose 14.2%, and revenues rose 6.2%.

NextEra Energy: What to Expect from Recent Changes

NextEra Energy (NEE) stock hit a fresh 52-week high of $150.18 on August 16, 2017. So far, NextEra Energy stock has gained more than 25% this year.

Honeywell Continues to Thrive in 2017

Honeywell bagged two new airline clients with its GoDirect software. Brussels Airlines and Air Serbia will use Honeywell’s connected aircraft software.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Mixed on August 17

China’s Shanghai Composite Index fell last week. On August 17, 2017, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.68% and ended at 3,268.43.


Domino's 4Q14 Earnings: Income Rises But Profit Margins Fall

We’ll take a look at Domino’s earnings, key valuation metrics, costs, and strategic initiatives, the market reaction to the earnings, and Domino’s stock.

Nvidia's innovative product launches indicate a bright future

The Tegra processor is a system-on-chip (or SoC) that integrates an entire computer on a single chip.

Why Mature Tech Stocks Have Earned Respect

The US stock market had a phenomenal six-year bull run. The S&P 500 almost tripled since March 2009. It achieved another record high of 2,115.5 on February 24, 2015.

Natural gas and crude oil prices get slammed by inventory data

April futures contracts for natural gas prices settled at $2.697 per MMBtu (million British thermal units) on Thursday, February 26.

Exelon had a weak 4Q14, but better times are expected

Exelon Corporation reported weak 4Q14 earnings. The earnings were released on February 13, 2015. The earnings missed analysts’ consensus estimates.

How You Can Overcome 3 Bad Investing Habits

Do you avoid the stock market? Shun diversification? Trade inefficiently? We examine three common bad behaviors among investors and provide tips.

NLY returns
Annaly Capital 4Q Earnings: A Good Place To Wait?

Mortgage REITs such as Annaly Capital can generate outsized returns over the long haul. Part of this is due to the mortgage-REIT tax structure.

Home, sweet home: Your guide to the homebuilding industry

A home is usually the single largest purchase that an individual or couple makes. So the homebuilding industry plays a key role in shaping the economy.

SLXP-VRX spread
Valeant makes yet another acquisition: Salix Pharmaceuticals

The Salix–Valeant merger is a cash tender, meaning there are no shareholder votes required. Cash tender deals tend to have very short timelines.

High yield bond and leveraged loan issuance on strong footing

US stocks are not looking back. US stock indexes have been on a record-setting spree that continued in the week ended February 20, 2015.

Steel Plays: Key Global Indicators Investors Should Track

We’ll analyze the major global indicators. We’ll discuss the steel demand and supply dynamics. Steel supply can be gauged by steel production figures.

Should I invest in Six Flags? A look at 4Q14 and FY14 operating performance

Six Flags has $1.2 billion in revenue and 18 parks across North America. It operates 16 parks in the United States, one in Mexico City, and one in Montreal.

A Less Volatile Way To Access Emerging Markets

Despite the recent slowdown, long-term prospects in emerging markets are still favorable.

Investing In Restaurants? Key Indicators For February

The restaurant industry is part of the consumer discretionary sector. This sector does well when the economy is expanding.

MetLife - Everything investors need to know

MetLife is a market leader in the US and the largest life insurer in Mexico and Chile. It is among the leading players in Japan, Korea, and Poland.

Key insights from Omega Advisors' 4Q14 positions

Omega Advisors is a New York-based investment advisory firm founded in 1991 by Leon G. Cooperman.

3 Reasons Europe Is A Major Risk For US Stocks

Soft European growth could affect US stocks. Growth in Europe (EZU) has been weak for a while now, which is concerning.

Energy Transfer Equity’s 4Q 2014 earnings: A merger dominates

Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) reported its 4Q 2014 financial results on February 18. Limited partner interest in the net income was reported as $111 million.

Natural gas price lift good for some coal producers

Currently, the thermal coal industry is experiencing heightened volatility. As a result, it makes even more sense for us to cover the short-term indicators.

Natural gas rallies in severe winter, crude oil keeps falling

Natural gas prices for the March contract closed at $2.902 per MMBtu on Tuesday. This is the seventh up day in the last ten trading sessions.


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