Cisco's Fiscal 1Q18 Earnings Beat Analyst Estimates

The US-based (SPY) tech (QQQ) heavyweight Cisco (CSCO) announced its fiscal 1Q18 results on November 15 and reported revenue of $12.1 billion.

Walmart Stock Soared 10.9% on Stellar 3Q Results

Walmart (WMT) stock rose 10.9% to $99.62 after the company reported better-than-expected fiscal 3Q18 results on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Several analysts raised their price targets on the stock.

Home Depot Raised 2017 Guidance after Strong 3Q17 Earnings

Home Depot (HD) posted adjusted EPS of $1.87 on revenues of $25.0 billion. Compared to 3Q16, the company’s EPS rose 16.9%, while revenues rose 8.1%.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Mixed on November 17

On November 17, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.48% and closed the day at 3,382.91. The SPDR S&P China (GXC) rose 1.8% on November 16.


Eurozone Manufacturing PMI
Markets fell on lower Europe manufacturing, shipping hurt

On February 19th 2013, the market became excited with the ZEW survey showing optimism in Europe. The market reversed those gains since then as Europe reported a lower flash manufacturing…

LTE 02.22.2013
LTE phone growth benefits manufacturers with higher ASPs

LTE, or long-term evolution, branded as 4G LTE in the mobile handset industry, is a new standard for wireless communications. LTE is an advanced communication medium that mixes the older communication…

Germany IFO data
German business climate rises for four consecutive months

The German IFO Business Climate Index can illustrate potential opportunities and risks for the shipping industry in the short to medium term. Investors and analysts use this metric as a…

2013.02.21 - Crude Inventories
Crude inventories increased far more than consensus estimates, bearish for oil names

A larger than expected build in crude inventories caused oil prices to slide on the day, which is bearish for oil producer stocks.

Corn Price
Corn price hits record in 2012, favorable for fertilizers

Corn prices often drive fertilizer prices. Among the three major crops, corn, soybean and wheat, corn requires more nitrogen based fertilizers. Thus, when crop prices rise, fertilizer firms like CF…

China Real Estate Climate
Markets fell on China property news, not to worry

The market fell hard for two days this week as the Fed expressed uneasiness over current monetary easing program, Europe’s manufacturing PMI fell and China moved to curb rising housing…

China New Export Order PMI SA
Chinese export numbers show weak Europe recovery

One of the best ways to track shipment volume from China is by looking at trade indicators. China’s purchasing managers index (PMI) for new export orders is one such valuable…

Feature v. Smart 2 02.05.2013
Decline in feature phones hurts Nokia and Samsung

The mobile device industry is driven by two major categories of products, feature phones and smart phones. Feature phones are very basic mobile phones with only voice services and text…

NOK RIMM 01.31.2013
Nokia's ASP and gross margin bodes well for BBRY

Average selling prices (ASPs) are a key input for revenue in the mobile device industry as outside of the number of mobile units sold, the average price level of those…

2013.02.18 - WTI Brent Spread
WTI-Brent spread narrowed on the week, but still remains wide favoring international producers

The difference between WTI and Brent crude prices closed slightly last week, but still remains wide in a historical context resulting in lower revenues for US producers with landlocked oil production.

2013.02.18 - US Oil Rig Count
Oil rig counts up on the week signals positive sentiment from oil producers

Baker Hughes oil rig counts increased last week, possibly signaling that oil producers are feeling more positive about the current oil price environment and are willing to put more dollars to work to produce the commodity.

2013.02.14 - US Industrial Production
US industrial production drops causing oil price decline

Weaker than expected industrial production figures were a negative indicator of economic activity. Oil prices dropped on the day as a result, which is bearish for oil and gas producers.

2013.02.14 - NGL Production
NGL production continues growth, pressures margins of some oil and gas producers

Surge in NGL production over past few years has caused some NGL prices to collapse, muting the margins of some upstream energy names.

US Dollar and Corn Price
US dollar moving corn and fertilizer prices

Commodities are often traded with the US dollar. For that reason, the directional movement of the US dollar often results in the opposite direction for agriculture crops like corn. When…

NA Potash Inventory
High potash inventory level signal potential Potash bottom

Inventory figures often provide insights into supply and demand dynamics. When inventory levels rise, it often points to a reduction in demand more so than an increase in supply. On…

USDA Farm Net Cash Income
Record farm net cash income positive for fertilizer firms

Farmers’ ability to generate cash is important to fertilizer producers. Although a lagging indicator of financial performance, farmers’ income for a specific calendar year is an indicator of how much…

Eurozone LI and Industrial Production
Europe's industrial activity may soon begin rising

Leading indicators are designed to lead business cycles. Money managers and analysts love them because they are forward looking. Much of equity prices are about the future more than the…

2013.02.18 - Nat Gas US Power Generation
Lower natural gas prices last week positive for coal-to-gas switching

Last week, natural gas prices declined more than coal prices which is an incentive for power plants to use more natural gas as fuel relative to coal.

2013.02.18 - WTI Crude
WTI roughly unchanged on the week, neutral for domestic oil producers

WTI crude oil prices were roughly unchanged on the week, in a neutral sign for domestic oil producers.

2013.02.18 - Nat Gas Rig Counts
Nat gas prices persistently low despite another nat gas rig count decline

Baker Hughes natural gas rigs declined again this week, continuing a long trend. However, natural gas production has not decreased significantly, continuing to put downward pressure on natural gas prices.


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