How Did Wall Street Perform on October 18?

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note following the fifth consecutive weekly gain. It continued to move higher on Wednesday.

CSX’s 3Q17 Earnings Shine: Higher Freight Rates, Stock Up 2.6%

The eastern US rail freight carrier CSX (CSX) announced its 3Q17 earnings on October 17. The quarter marks the end of two full quarters under the leadership of Hunter Harrison.

What Weighed down J.B. Hunt's 3Q17 Results?

For 3Q17, J.B. Hunt (JBHT) reported EPS (earnings per share) of $0.91, which was 5.4% lower than the analysts’ estimate of $0.96.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Strong on October 18

On October 18, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,381.79 after rising 0.29%. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) fell 0.9% on October 17, 2017.


Junk Bond and Leveraged Loan Issuance Falls, Week Ending July 2

The non-farm payrolls report for June showed that the US economy added 223,000 jobs. This helped equities reduce losses. Wage growth remained tepid.

High-Grade Bond Issuance Still Restrained at the End of June

Investment-grade bond yields rose on the last day of trading last week as Greece’s creditors conditionally offered it financial aid to the tune of 15.5 billion euros.

Financial Aid Offer to Greece Cut Demand for Treasuries Last Week

US Treasury yields, especially those on long-term securities, rose with the hope that Greece would accept this eleventh hour deal.

Junk Bond Issuance Rises Cautiously on High Yields

A breakdown in negotiations led to Greece missing its payment due to the IMF on June 30. US equities reacted negatively to these developments.

Caution Persists among High-Yield Bond Issuers: June 19 Week

The FOMC released its June 2015 monetary policy statement last week. Policymakers toned down their expectations for a rate hike in 2016 and 2017.

High-Grade Bonds Take It Easy During Federal Reserve Policy Week

The Federal Open Market Committee’s June statement didn’t elicit a strong reaction in either direction from investment-grade bonds, especially not from Treasuries.

Treasury Yields Pressured by Greece, Rising Consumer Prices

Due to the yields falling on Treasuries across medium-term maturities, fixed income ETFs investing in that maturity posted marginally higher returns.

Investment-Grade Bond Issuance Gains Traction

Week-over-week, yields on investment-grade bonds barely moved. However, the meager movement didn’t represent a lack of activity in the secondary market.

Concerns over Grexit Cause Treasury Yields to Fall in June

As far as last week’s Treasury yields were concerned, two developments in Europe stood out—Greece’s debt negotiations and German bund yield movement.

One Step Closer to Normal: Bond Volatility Picks Up in 2015

While stock market volatility (VXX) has increased, bond volatility has seen a higher rise. You can expect high volatility in bonds (AGG) over the next few months.

June High Yield Bond Issuance Tanks on Weak Market Conditions

The retail sales report was positive for equities, as it strengthens hope that the US economy will return to a strong footing following a weak first-quarter reading.

Where Can You Ride Out the Rate Regime Change?

Bond market turmoil (BND) has been building up steam over the past month, and the gyrations continued to plague the markets well into this week.

High Yield Debt and Leveraged Loans Begin June on a Strong Note

The May non-farm payrolls report, which showed that 280,000 jobs were added in the month, led participants to believe that the Federal Reserve will hike rates this year.

A Rise in Non-Farm Payrolls Increases US Treasury Yields

US Treasury yields moved uniformly upwards across the yield curve in the week ended June 5, 2015.

High-Grade Bond Issuers: Cautious Start in June

Investment-grade bonds’ yields surged in the week ending June 5. The two jobs reports released last week were the primary drivers.

Can US Equity Still Deliver If the Fed Hikes Rates?

A rate hike might affect your investments in Treasuries and gold. The federal funds rate is a tool that the Fed uses to control the economy’s interest rate.

Where to Look for Yield in a Low-Yield World

US benchmark yields rose to a seven-month high of 2.36% yesterday. But the long-term outlook for bond markets seems to be a low-for-long yield world.

High Yield Debt Issuance Hits Highest Level in 5 Weeks

Equity indices finished lower last week, and markets remain confused by a host of mixed economic readings throughout the month of May.

High Grade Corporate Issuance in May Sets Monthly Record

Yields on investment-grade bonds fell in the week ended May 29, primarily due to reports of a contraction in the US economy.

A Contracting Economy Is Pulling Treasury Yields Down

The strength in the US dollar against many of its counterparts, including the euro and the yen, made Treasuries attractive to investors, driving their yields down.


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