What Drove Whiting Petroleum Stock Lower Last Week

Whiting Petroleum (WLL) stock fell ~11% in the week ended November 17. The stock seems to have seen extended losses from the week before, when it finalized a one-for-four reverse stock split.

India's Gold Imports Have Fallen: What's Going On?

For India, gold imports have fallen 16% in value to ~$2.9 billion in October 2017 compared to $3.5 billion in the corresponding month last year.

Foot Locker Is Back: Tops 3Q17 Expectations

Foot Locker (FL) reported its 3Q17 results on November 17, 2017. The results relate to the three-month period ending on October 28, 2017.

Marathon Oil Continued to Fall: What Can Investors Expect?

For the week ending November 17, 2017, Marathon Oil’s (MRO) stock price fell 3.34% or from $15.62 to $15.05.


AT&T’s Updates: Outlook, DIRECTV Now, Time Warner Deal, and 5G

During its 3Q17 earnings call, AT&T’s management forecast free cash flow and capital expenditures of ~$18.0 billion and ~$22.0 billion, respectively, in 2017.

Where Valero Could Be Headed in 4Q17

In this series, we’ll evaluate Valero Energy’s (VLO) current position, in terms of its financial and market performance, to determine its outlook for 4Q17.

How Did T-Mobile Fare in 3Q17?

T-Mobile keeps provoking the wireless telecom market with innovative service plans and new subscriber benefits—rather than just competing on prices.

What's Driving AstraZeneca's Valuation after 3Q17 Results?

In 3Q17, AstraZeneca reported EPS of $0.56 on revenues of $6.2 billion compared to estimates of $0.71 for EPS on revenues of $6 billion.

Refining and Marketing and Integrated Energy Gainers and Losers

For the week of November 13–17, 2017, unleaded gasoline (UGA) prices are leading the fall in energy commodities. The prices fell from last week’s close.

A Look at Nordstrom after Its Fiscal 3Q17 Results

Nordstrom’s (JWN) valuation multiple rose 2.4% on November 10, 2017, in reaction to its fiscal 3Q17 results that were announced after the close of the financial markets on November 9, 2017.

Crude Oil: Will the Bears Overshadow the Bulls?

December WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil (DWT) (USL) futures contracts fell 0.6% to $55.33 per barrel on November 15, 2017.

Baron on the Economy, Dimon on Bitcoin, and Bulls on the S&P 500

According to Baron, the incredible disruptions society has created, both positive and negative, have created a huge opportunity to fuel economic growth.

What October's Services PMI Signals for Developed Markets

In this series, we’ll examine the final services PMI for the US, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, and the Eurozone for October 2017. We’ll also look at the US consumer confidence level.

Key Takeaways from Weekly Coal Indicators

The EIA issued its natural gas inventory report on November 9, 2017. Natural gas inventory was 3,790 Bcf which is 0.4% more than 3,775 Bcf for the week ended October 27, 2017.

Volatility Index versus Gold
Rising Yield's Impact on Gold

Besides the impact of interest rates, there are also other global indicators that could play on precious metals—the most important being the US dollar.

A Comparative Analysis of Steel Companies’ 3Q17 Performance

U.S. Steel and ArcelorMittal posted better-than-expected revenues and profits in 3Q17, but AK Steel missed consensus estimates for its top and bottom lines.

How the Reverse Stock Split Decision Affected Whiting Stock

Whiting Petroleum (WLL) stock fell 1.1% in the week ended November 10. On November 8, Whiting announced a one-for-four reverse stock split.

Institutional Activity in the Top S&P 500 Utilities in 3Q17

In this series, we’ll take a look at institutional investors’ utility holdings in 3Q17.

What’s Next for Antares Pharma after the FDA Rejection of Xyosted?

Antares Pharma’s (ATRS) products include Vibex, a pressure-assisted autoinjector. The global injectable drug delivery market is expected to grow to $624.5 billion by 2021.

How MPC, VLO, ANDV, and PSX Fared in 3Q17

Refining stocks like Marathon Petroleum (MPC), Andeavor (ANDV), Valero Energy (VLO), and Phillips 66 (PSX) have posted strong performances in 3Q17.

Week 44: Mixed Trends for North American Rail Freight Traffic

In the 44th week of 2017, total rail freight traffic in the United States recorded a ~0.9% fall. Overall volumes, including intermodal, decreased to ~539,000 units.

This Week's Movers in Upstream and Oilfield Services

So far this week (starting November 13, 2017), natural gas (UNG) (BOIL) prices are leading a decline in energy commodities.

Crude Oil: Is the Rally Over?

On November 14, 2017, US crude oil (USO) (OIIL) December futures fell 1.9% and closed at $55.7 per barrel.

Will Patterson-UTI Energy’s Fundamentals Reverse Bearish Prices?

On November 13, 2017, Patterson-UTI Energy (PTEN) was trading at $20.58. It has fallen ~24% since the beginning of 2017.


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