Costco Tops Fiscal 1Q18 Estimates

Costco Wholesale (COST) reported stronger-than-expected fiscal 1Q18 results, surpassing analysts’ expectations for both sales and EPS (earnings per share).

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Weak on December 15

After a pullback on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index opened lower on December 15 and fell to five-week low price levels.

US Markets Had a Mixed Performance on December 14

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note. Despite a strong start, the market lost momentum as the week progressed and fell on Thursday.

Can Kohl’s Stock Pick Up Some Momentum?

Kohl’s (KSS) stock price has risen 1.8% on a YTD (year-to-date) basis as of December 12.


Banking in 2014: Hits and misses

How was banking in 2014? We’ll see why Wells Fargo was the best bank in terms of price performance in 2014.

Understanding the asset management industry

Sometimes the term “asset management” is also used to denote the upkeep of a plant, machinery, or equipment in order to generate better returns.

Don't forget about emerging market equities, a key opportunity

While emerging market stocks are underperforming U.S. stocks, Russ explains why longer-term investors may want to give EM markets another look.

Two-part series: A qualitative look at loan king Wells Fargo

Before investing, it’s important to analyze a bank qualitatively, as well as quantitatively. Qualitative analysis is more likely to determine how well a bank will perform over the long-term.

Must-know: Understanding the price-to-book value ratio

The price-book value ratio is the ratio of the market value of equity to the book value of equity. Price stands for the current market price of a stock. Book value is the total assets minus liabilities, or net worth, which is the accounting measure of shareholders’ equity in the balance sheet.

Why the banking sector is better, but with room for improvement

Russ explains the good news behind his upgrade of the global financial sector as well as the bad news keeping his sector outlook somewhat subdued.

Equity research: Is First Internet Bancorp a good investment?

First Internet Bancorp (INBK) is a provider of online retail and business banking services nationwide. The company is the parent company of First Internet Bank of Indiana.

Total mutual funds 04.19.2013
Mutual fund flow has slowest week of 2013

Entering into the latter part of April is not proving to be a robust period for mutual fund flow as the most recent survey from the Investment Company Institute (ICI)…

World equity 04.19.2013
World equity mutual fund flow continues to be the strongest category

The Investment Company Institute has reported that world equity fund flows continue to be the best category within their weekly mutual fund survey which benefits leading international stock fund managers…

Total bond 04.12.2013
Taxable bond fund flow is still strong with tax free interest still low

In the most recent weekly survey of mutual fund flow from the Investment Company Institute (ICI), fixed income money flow continues to be dominated by the taxable category with only…

World equity 04.12.2013
Foreign stock fund flows continue at break neck pace

Foreign stock fund flows continued their torrid pace to close the first quarter with the year-to-date 2013 total at now unprecedented levels. According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), foreign…

Domestic equity 04.12.2013
Domestic stock fund flows go negative to finish the first quarter

The Investment Company Institute (ICI), the trade association for the asset management industry, has reported that U.S. stock mutual fund flows were negative in the final week of March to…

Total mutual funds 04.12.2013
Mutual fund flow snaps back driven by bond flows; equity flow is weak

In the final week of March, the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the trade group for the asset management sector, reported that bond mutual fund flow snapped back sharply at the…

Money Markets 04.03.2013
Historically tax season has resulted in money market fund outflows affecting leading managers

With the culmination of the upcoming U.S. tax season, historically the stocks of leading money market fund providers have lagged the rest of the asset management group as investors use…

Total bond 04.05.2013
Total bond fund flow is below average in 3rd week of March

The Investment Company Institute has reported that the most recent fund flows into all bond categories were below the important 12 week intermediate term average, signaling lower demand for fixed…

World equity 04.05.2013
Foreign stock fund flows drop below important 12 week average

Following in lock step with the trends in overall mutual fund flow and also domestic stock trends, the surging category of foreign stock fund flow also had a weak third…

Domestic equity 04.05.2013
Domestic equity fund flow decelerates and is below average for the week

The Investment Company Institute’s (ICI) tally of domestic equity mutual fund flow was below the important 12 week average in the most recent week and was also a deceleration from…

Total mutual funds 04.05.2013
Total mutual fund flow falls below average for the third week of March

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) is relaying that total mutual fund flow for the 5 day period ending March 27th was below the important 12 week average for all stock,…

World equity 03.28.2013
Foreign stock fund trends are breaking substantially higher

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) is reporting that for the week ending March 20th that World Stock funds, or mutual funds that manage non-U.S. or foreign equities, had another solid…

Total bond 03.28.2013
Taxable bond fund flows snap back... tax free bonds continue to see redemptions

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) has reported that taxable bond fund flows were much stronger in the third week of March than the second and that redemptions in tax-free municipals…


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