Why Didn't Domino’s 3Q17 Earnings Impress Investors?

On October 12, Domino’s posted 3Q17 adjusted EPS of $1.27 on revenues of $643.6 million—a 32.3% year-over-year rise in EPS and a 13.6% rise in revenues.

What Impacted Chesapeake Energy Stock Last Week?

In the week ending October 13, 2017, Chesapeake Energy stock fell 7.6%—the second consecutive weekly decline.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Stable on October 17

After rising last week, China’s Shanghai Composite Index fell on Monday and started this week on a weaker note. The index opened lower on October 17.

Wall Street Started the Week on a Stronger Note

Following a rally for five consecutive trading weeks, the S&P 500 maintained its strength and opened higher this week.


How to Balance Your Approach to Bonds

The ten-year Treasury (IEF) is currently yielding 2.0%, which is much lower than its long-term average of ~4.5%.

High-Yield Bond Issuance Picks Up in September, Plummets for 3Q15

Equities in the United States rose for most of the week ended October 2 ahead of the non-farm payrolls report for September. They rose in hopes that moderately strong job additions would continue.

Altice, Cablevision Led Junk Bond Issuance in Week Ended September 25

All three US equity indices that we review in this weekly series fell in the week ended September 25—the second successive week in which they recorded a fall.

Ideas for Your Bond Portfolio When Rates Rise

The exact timing of a rate hike isn’t as important as making sure your portfolio is prepared for an impending rate regime change where rates are expected to rise gradually and remain low for long.

No High-Yield Bond Issuance for Second Successive Week

US stocks didn’t have a great start last week. Reports emanating from China drove US markets down sharply, but they rebounded the next day when Microsoft (MSFT) helped them bounce back.

Why Did High Yield Bond Issuance Decrease?

All three US equity indices that we review in this weekly series rebounded in the week ended August 28, 2015, after a disastrous previous week.

High-Yield Bond and Leveraged Loan Issuance Falls

Commodities prices, especially for copper, fell in the week ended August 21. The broad equity market also became wary of slumping commodities prices and took a tumble.

Fixed Income Market in the Last Year: Is Opportunity Ahead?

For corporates issuing high-grade bonds, the yield curve getting flatter can lead to issuance of longer-duration bonds.

High Yield Bond Issuance Rose Again in Week Ended August 14

The value of the Chinese yuan was reduced against the US dollar three time last week—on three successive days—by China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China.

How to Navigate Today’s Bond Markets

Global bond yields are very low, currently. The ten-year Treasury (IEF) is currently yielding 2.2%, which is much lower than its long-term average of ~4.5%.

Junk Bond Issuance Market Sees Heightened Activity

All of the three US equity indices that we review in this weekly series fell in the week to August 7, 2015. The S&P 500 Index fell 1.20%.

Leveraged Loans Issuance Surged the Week Ending July 31

The US economy grew by 2.3% in 2Q15, according to a Bureau of Economic Analysis advance estimate. Although the rate was lower than expected by some forecasters, it still showed strong economic growth.

Junk Bond Issuance Still Quiet in the Week Ended July 24

Not all corporate results disappointed last week. Amazon’s (AMZN) stock surged after it posted a surprise profit in 2Q15.

US Companies Dominate High-Grade Bond Issuance Last Week

A fall in the price of commodities lowered the outlook on inflation in the United States. This fueled gains for investment-grade bonds in the week ended July 24.

Good Reasons You May Want to Be in—and Stay in—Bonds

The ten-year German and French government bonds are trading at below 1%, while the ten-year gilt is yielding 2%. The ten-year US Treasury is currently trading at 2.3%.

Analyzing Carl Icahn's Allegations about BlackRock: Is He Right?

Carl Icahn believes that another 2007-like crisis could be in the making. He thinks asset management companies like BlackRock are “extremely dangerous.”

Junk Bond Issuance Resumes after a Zero Issuance Week

The three US equity indices that we review in this weekly series rose in the week ending July 17. Apart from economic indicators, markets also focused on corporate earnings.

High-Grade Bond Volume Surges to 4th-Highest Level in 2015

US economic indicators drove movement in investment-grade bond yields last week. A rise in gasoline prices led to an increase in US consumer prices in June.

High-Yield Issuance Pauses in Week Ended July 10

A sharp fall in the Chinese stock market had its repercussions on US equities, which fell in response. But the losses were reduced after Chinese shares rose on the last two trading days of the week ended July 10.

High-Grade Bond Issuance Is Back after Four-Week Lull

Greece’s fate in the Eurozone drove investment-grade bonds last week. A safe-haven demand for most of the week pushed yields down. But investment-grade bonds saw yields rise week-over-week.


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