Noble Energy's 3Q17: The Impact of Lower Production

Noble Energy’s revenue estimates for 3Q17 stand at $935.2 million, compared with its revenues of $910 million in 3Q17 and $1.06 billion in 2Q17.

Are US and OPEC Supplies Helping Crude Oil Bulls?

Crude oil prices are at a three-week high due to geopolitical tensions in Iraq and major producers’ ongoing production cuts.

How Indian Demand Could Influence Gold Prices

India and China remain the top two consumers of gold (IAU) and silver (SLV).

How Did Wall Street Perform on October 18?

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note following the fifth consecutive weekly gain. It continued to move higher on Wednesday.


Weekly Wrap-Up: Most MLPs Ended in the Green Last Week

Most MLPs ended in the green last week, which ended on September 1, 2017, amid Hurricane Harvey and volatility in crude oil prices.

KMI Rose for the Second Week in a Row, Will the Momentum Sustain?

Midstream giant Kinder Morgan (KMI) rose 1% in the week ending September 1, 2017—broadly in line with the energy sector.

Institutional Activity in Major MLPs in 2Q17

In this series, we’ll be looking at the institutional activity of some major MLPs during 2Q17 and their recent analyst recommendations.

In-Depth Analysis of the Top 4 MLPs: EPD, ETP, WPZ, and MMP

How are the four biggest energy MLPs performing in the generally down MLP sector? How does their performance compare with others? Let’s take a look.

Weekly Wrap-Up: MLPs Recovered Slightly Last Week

MLPs recovered slightly in the week ending August 25—possibly due to an overcorrection in the first three weeks of the month.

Your Weekly MLP Wrap-Up: The Woes Continue

MLP (master limited partnership) weakness continued for the third-straight week of the month last week (ended August 18).

Analyzing Enterprise Products Partners’ Short-Term Indicators

Enterprise Products Partners has fallen 7% YTD. So far, it has outperformed AMLP. Enterprise Products Partners has fallen nearly 9% in the past month.

Could Williams Companies Gain Upward Momentum from Here?

Williams Companies (WMB), which entered positive territory at the end of July, couldn’t stay there for long. It has fallen 6.8% since the beginning of this year.

Looking Westward: Why Western Gas Partners Looks Attractive

In this series, we’ll assess Western Gas Partners’ (WES) attractiveness. We’ll look into its valuation, institutional ownership, technical indicators, and analyst recommendations.

Controversy in the Pipeline: The Top 5 Hot-Button Projects

Pipeline projects in the US have attracted a lot of attention in recent years.

What Investors Can Expect from Energy Transfer Equity

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) announced a public offering of 54 million common units on August 14. ETE, which owns the IDRs (incentive distribution rights) in ETP, is expected to benefit from the equity offering.

Calumet's Superior Refinery Sale: A Step in the Right Direction?

On August 14, 2017, Calumet Specialty Products Partners (CLMT) announced that it has agreed to sell its Superior, Wisconsin, refinery for $435.0 million.

Weekly Wrap-Up: MLP Sluggishness Continued Last Week

MLP sluggishness continued last week. The Alerian MLP Index, which tracks the performance of 50 energy infrastructure MLPs, ended the week 4.4% lower.

Why Kinder Morgan Fell 5.6% Last Week

The British Columbian government’s decision to join the battle against KMI’s Trans Mountain expansion project contributed to the recent fall in the stock.

Key Highlights from Cheniere Energy’s 2Q17 Earnings Release

Cheniere Energy (LNG) and its subsidiaries reported their 2Q17 earnings on August 8, 2017. Cheniere Energy’s revenue rose to $1.2 billion from $176.8 million in 2Q16.

PAA’s Potential Distribution Cut: Are MLPs Recovering?

Plains All American Pipeline’s announcement of its need for a distribution reset—based solely on fee-based cash flows—sent jitters across the MLP sector.

Analyzing ETE and ETP’s 2Q17 Earnings

Energy Transfer Equity (ETE) and its subsidiary, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), reported their 2Q17 earnings on August 8, 2017, and held their earnings call the next day.

earnings last week
How Mid-Cap and Large-Cap MLPs Performed in 2Q17

The week ending August 4, 2017, was busy for MLPs, as a large number of these publicly traded partnerships reported their 2Q17 earnings results during the week.

Why Plains All American Is Expecting Another Distribution Cut

Plains All American Pipeline (PAA) announced its 2Q17 results on August 7, 2017, after the markets closed.

How MLPs Fared Last Week

The Alerian MLP Index, a capital-weighted index that tracks the performance of 50 energy infrastructure MLPs, was weak in the week ending August 4.


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