Noble Energy's 3Q17: The Impact of Lower Production

Noble Energy’s revenue estimates for 3Q17 stand at $935.2 million, compared with its revenues of $910 million in 3Q17 and $1.06 billion in 2Q17.

Are US and OPEC Supplies Helping Crude Oil Bulls?

Crude oil prices are at a three-week high due to geopolitical tensions in Iraq and major producers’ ongoing production cuts.

How Indian Demand Could Influence Gold Prices

India and China remain the top two consumers of gold (IAU) and silver (SLV).

How Did Wall Street Perform on October 18?

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note following the fifth consecutive weekly gain. It continued to move higher on Wednesday.


Is This the Right Time for Buckeye Partners?

Buckeye Partners (BPL) has been one of the worst performing MLPs in recent months, hitting a new 52-week low of $54.60. But has recovered slightly since then.

Weyerhaeuser: A Timberland REIT Standing up to Fire

Timberland REITs (real estate investment trusts) in the US don’t seem to be in doubt about their continued growth momentum in the near future.

How Key Risks to Markets This Month Have Subsided

The key reason for the debt ceiling deal was to approve aid to Hurricane Harvey victims. A US government shutdown could have adversely impacted relief operations.

WMB Recovered Slightly: Can It Gain Momentum?

William Companies (WMB) has recovered slightly after a weak August 2017, and it has risen 2.4% since last week. WMB has fallen 3.3% since the beginning of 2017.

APU, FGP, SPH, and SGU: Analyzing Prospects for the Propane MLPs

Of the four propane distribution MLPs—AmeriGas Partners (APU), Ferrellgas Partners (FGP), Star Gas Partners (SGU), and Suburban Propane Partners (SPH)—only Star Gas Partners stock is in the green so far in 2017.

An Overview of the Key Risks to Markets in September

August was a volatile month, filled with economic, political, and geopolitical uncertainty. September could turn out to be another nail-biter for the financial markets.

What Surprises Could Be in Store for the Markets This Week?

For the week ended September 1, 2017, volatility in the global markets fell considerably.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Most MLPs Ended in the Green Last Week

Most MLPs ended in the green last week, which ended on September 1, 2017, amid Hurricane Harvey and volatility in crude oil prices.

KMI Rose for the Second Week in a Row, Will the Momentum Sustain?

Midstream giant Kinder Morgan (KMI) rose 1% in the week ending September 1, 2017—broadly in line with the energy sector.

Why Boston Properties May Be Strong Enough to Combat Headwinds

Boston Properties’ recent upbeat results came on the back of higher leasing activity as well as strong occupancy levels, which led to revenue growth.

The Fed’s Dilemma and What You Should Know about It

The Federal Reserve will meet again on September 19. Fed members will be faced with tightening the monetary policy further or giving a dovish statement seeking more time.

Geopolitical Risks Rose Again: How Did Markets React this Time?

Expectations for a lower level of volatility in the last week of summer were shattered as North Korea fired another missile on Tuesday morning.

Institutional Activity in Major MLPs in 2Q17

In this series, we’ll be looking at the institutional activity of some major MLPs during 2Q17 and their recent analyst recommendations.

In-Depth Analysis of the Top 4 MLPs: EPD, ETP, WPZ, and MMP

How are the four biggest energy MLPs performing in the generally down MLP sector? How does their performance compare with others? Let’s take a look.

Weekly Wrap-Up: MLPs Recovered Slightly Last Week

MLPs recovered slightly in the week ending August 25—possibly due to an overcorrection in the first three weeks of the month.

Market Behavior: What to Expect in the Last Week of Summer

Volatility in the global markets fell considerably in the previous week. The key risks subsided that spiked risk aversion in the last few weeks.

Comparing the Top 3 Self-Storage REITs after 2Q17 Earnings

Self-storage REITs are experiencing solid growth in income and revenues in 2017. In this series, we’ll analyze the 2Q17 results for Public Storage (PSA), Extra Space Storage (EXR), and CubeSmart (CUBE).

The Top 3 Industrial REITs: Behind the 2Q17 Results

Industrial REITs (real estate investment trusts) are currently experiencing a boom, and many investors and analysts anticipate future growth.

How Trump's Government Shutdown Threat Could Affect Markets

In this series, we’ll discuss the looming US debt crisis, how the US debt has ballooned so much, and the impact of a debt crisis on equities (VTI), the US dollar (UUP), and fixed income (HYG) markets.

What Can We Expect from Jackson Hole in 2017?

During this three-day symposium, any surprise comments from heavyweight participants could have a major impact on bond, currency, and equity markets.


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