Important Events that Could Drive Markets this Week

President Trump’s executive order on healthcare, the Iran nuclear agreement, and news about North Korea preparing for a launch ahead of US–South Korea military exercises failed to trigger higher volatility.

US Steel Had a Big Week: What Happened?

US steel stocks have had a tepid year after the spectacular rally last year, and there’s a sense of apprehension in the market that US steel prices could go lower.

S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Closed Strong Last Week

The S&P 500 started last week on a weaker note. On October 13, the S&P 500 closed the day higher and ended the week with gains.

Wildfires in California Set PG&E Ablaze, Stock Tumbles 7%

PG&E Corporation saw its stock fall ~7% on October 12—its steepest fall in seven years—on speculations that downed power lines caused wildfires in California.


Will Hillary Play the Trump Card?

The 2016 US presidential election is scheduled for November 8, 2016. This election will mark the 58th quadrennial US presidential election.

Time to Rethink the Role of Treasuries

The ten-year Treasury note, which rose in price in the first half of 2016 and pushed the yield down to 1.4%, has started selling off in the second half of the year.

Why Bonds May No Longer Be Able to Save Stocks

The colossal central bank stimulus at below-zero rates and quantitative easing have wreaked havoc on the correlation dynamics between stock and bond prices.

Introduction to Emerging Market Investment-Grade Bonds

Emerging market economies have seen improved GDP growth in 2016, while developed markets are struggling to grow.

What’s behind the Huge Inflows into Emerging Markets Debt?

Current low and negative yields in developed markets have led many to look outside of core fixed income asset classes for attractive income.

The Case for Sticking with High Yield

The global hunt for returns has turned US junk bonds into an attractive investment option.

How to Get Your Portfolio to Eat Its Duration

The ten-year Treasury (IEF)(TLH) yields are currently testing their all-time low at around 1.5%.

Quality Can Be Rewarding in Emerging Markets Bonds

In this series, we’ll see why emerging market bonds are looking attractive, how the Market has gained position this year, and the risks emerging market bond investors face.

Investment-Grade Emerging Markets: Higher Yield, Balanced Risk

Emerging market bonds have outperformed year-to-date. Let’s take a closer look.

FOMC Keeps the Door Open for a Live Meeting in September

The Fed had a meeting on July 27 to decide on the monetary policy. The tone of the Fed’s statement made a case for the September meeting to be a live one.

Fallen Angels Boosted by Bond Buyback Premiums

Fallen angel bonds—high-yield bonds originally issued with investment grade credit ratings—are generally known for offering potential value. A big source of this value has been the tendency of fallen angels…

Attractive Yields and Value in High Yield Emerging Markets Bonds

High yield emerging markets corporate bonds have had a strong start to the year, outperforming emerging markets equities with a 7.8% year-to-date return at the end of May.

Why Own Fallen Angel Bonds

VanEck responds to our questions and looks at how fallen angel bonds provide attractive relative income without an unsavory level of risk.

What Price Should You Pay for Dividend Yield?

Yields remain at unattractive levels. This has caused yield-thirsty investors to flock to high-dividend-yielding stocks, driving their valuations higher.

Why Are Municipal Bonds a Ballast to Equity Risk?

Municipal bonds (MUB) have provided an excellent return in the past year. The returns are even better if we account for their tax benefits.

What Do Fallen Angel High Yield Bonds Offer Investors?

High-yield bond funds regained some lost favor this year. Fallen angel bonds could be an extremely attractive value proposition for investors.

Muni Bonds: Compelling Reasons to Invest

TOM BUTCHER: What are the advantages of investing in municipal bonds in the current environment? JIM COLBY: There’s a great deal of uncertainty and volatility in the overall marketplace right…

It Might Be Time to Favor TIPS

Disappointing economic growth may have led to complacent inflation expectations.

The Case for Preferred Stocks in This Low Yield Environment

While high yield bonds could be an avenue for higher yields, they seem risky given the slowing global economy and low oil prices. In such a scenario, preferred stocks could offer some value.

Junk Bond Issuance Fell, Leveraged Loan Issuance Rose in October

The S&P 500 index, tracked by the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV), rose 8.3% in October.


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