Important Events that Could Drive Markets this Week

President Trump’s executive order on healthcare, the Iran nuclear agreement, and news about North Korea preparing for a launch ahead of US–South Korea military exercises failed to trigger higher volatility.

US Steel Had a Big Week: What Happened?

US steel stocks have had a tepid year after the spectacular rally last year, and there’s a sense of apprehension in the market that US steel prices could go lower.

S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Closed Strong Last Week

The S&P 500 started last week on a weaker note. On October 13, the S&P 500 closed the day higher and ended the week with gains.

Wildfires in California Set PG&E Ablaze, Stock Tumbles 7%

PG&E Corporation saw its stock fall ~7% on October 12—its steepest fall in seven years—on speculations that downed power lines caused wildfires in California.


No surprise with Yellen pick but Fed rotations are an equity risk

President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to lead the Federal Reserve and FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee).

Why you should ignore the recent FOMC minutes

Last month, the committee decided not to taper asset purchases, so this month investors get to read the internal debates that led to that decision.

Why analysts are seeing a new market for hedge funds

On July 10, 2013, the SEC voted 4–1 to lift a decade-old ban that prevents hedge funds and private equity firms from marketing their investments to the general public.

Household debt
The tale of US "de-leveraging"

Sam Madden, CFA, founder, and CEO of Interactive Buyside, sheds light on whether consumer de-leveraging is a myth.

US unemployment rate
The real US unemployment picture and our future

Sam Madden, CFA, founder, and CEO of Interactive Buyside, analyzes the US unemployment picture on the eve of elections in September 2012.

The X-Factor: Are Factor ETFs Right For Your Portfolio?

Factor investing is a passive quantitative strategy that involves investing in certain “factors” that tend to outperform over long periods of time. The three most popular factors are momentum, size…

Slowing export growth rates cull China's equities

With an economy that’s now approximately 33% larger than Japan’s, China’s reliance on trade for growth has become a larger issue.


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