SuperValu Cruises past Analyst Expectations, Still Sinks

SuperValu (SVU) reported adjusted EPS of $0.46, beating the consensus by $0.10. Total sales from continuing operations stood at $3.8 billion—35% higher YoY.

Kinder Morgan’s 3Q17 Results Met Analysts' Expectations

Kinder Morgan reported its 3Q17 results on October 18, 2017. It reported an adjusted EPS of $0.15, which was in-line with analysts’ consensus estimates.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Stable on October 20

On October 20, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,378.65 after rising 0.25%. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) fell 1.7% on October 19, 2017.

Highs and Lows: Wall Street's Performance on October 19

After rising for five consecutive trading weeks, the S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note. It rose in the first three trading days of the week.

RECENT Energy and Power RESEARCH

2013.03.11 - US Nat Gas Inventories
Natural gas bounces to highest point of 2013 on surprisingly large inventory draw

Natural gas inventories dropped more than expected last week, helping to boost natural gas prices to the highest point yet this year.

2013.03.11 - Nat Gas Weather
Natural gas prices supported by unseasonably cold weather last week

Last week’s colder than normal winter helped to give natural gas prices another boost.

2013.03.07 - Crude Inventories
Crude inventories build last week weigh down oil prices

On Wednesday, the DOE reported a larger than expected increase in US crude oil inventories for the week ended March 1, sending oil prices downward on the day.

2013.03.07 - US Initial Jobless Claims
Bullish jobless claims figures lift oil prices

Initial jobless claims were surprisingly lower for the week ended March 2, giving a boost to oil prices.

2013.03.05 - HY Yields
Last week’s lower corporate credit rates benefit companies in need of funding

The yield on BofAML’s High Yield Master II Index decreased last week, which is a positive signal for high yield companies with debt financing needs in the near-term, many of which are energy companies.

2013.03.04 - HDD Gas non-cum
Continued chillier weather lifts natural gas prices

Last week’s colder than normal weather was a positive short-term driver for natural gas prices as natural gas is a major fuel for home heating.

2013.03.04 - WTI Crude Prices
Month-long slide in oil prices is bearish for energy stocks

Oil prices fell again last week, continuing a month-long slide and resulting in reduced revenue for oil producers.

2013.03.04 - WTI-Brent LT
WTI-Brent spread narrowed on the week, but remains wide, favoring international producers

Last week the spread between WTI crude and Brent crude narrowed, however, the difference in price between the two crudes still remains wide leaving domestic producers with significantly less revenue per barrel than their international counterparts.

2013.03.05 - WTI-Midland
Recent tightening of WTI-Midland spreads helps Permian names

Spreads between Midland crude and WTI crude narrowed again last week, which is a positive short-term driver for producers with major assets in the Permian Basin.

2013.03.05 - Nat Gas Power Gen
Coal took away power generation market share from nat gas in December

For most of 2012, natural gas market share for power generation has been significantly above 2011 given the coal-to-gas switching trend that resulted from low nat gas prices. Last December,…

2013.03.04 - Nat gas prices ST
Cold snap and lower inventories boosted natural gas prices last week

Natural gas prices rose last week resulting in a positive short-term catalyst for natural gas names such as Chesapeake, Southwestern, Comstock, and Quicksilver.

2013.03.04 - US Oil Rig Count
Rising oil rig counts could signal that producers are feeling confident

The Baker Hughes US Oil Rig Count rose by 4 last week, in what could be a signal that oil producers are feeling confident about the current price and operating environment and are putting more capital to work to produce oil.

2013.02.28 - US Nat Gas Rigs
Fall off in natural gas rigs could be sign of producers' bearish sentiment

Natural gas rigs drilling in the US fell last week from 428 to 420, and a continuation of this trend could signal further bearish sentiment from producers.

2013.02.28 - US NGL Production
NGL production grew 8% in 2012, insufficient demand outlets resulting in price pressure

Natural gas liquid production continues to grow, pressuring the prices of ethane and propane.

2013.02.28 - OPEC Production 2
OPEC output rose in January, reversing trend that buoyed oil prices

An increase in OPEC oil production last month reversed a five month long trend of decreasing oil production from the collective.

2013.02.28 - Nat Gas Inventories
Nat gas inventories drop more than expected again in a short-term positive

Every week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) releases data on how much natural gas is stored in various facilities across the US. These figures, also called “natural gas inventories,” can…

2013.02.27 - US Crude Inventories
Bullish crude inventory figures provide support to oil prices

Oil inventories rose less than expected last week, resulting in a positive signal for oil prices.

2013.02.27 - WTI Midland
Permian producers benefitting from tightening WTI-Midland spreads

Midland-WTI spreads have tightened since the beginning of the year, which is a positive for oil and gas producers with major assets in the Permian/West Texas region.

2013.02.26 - H0A0
Companies with funding needs could be hurt by rising rates

Investors owning non-investment grade companies with funding needs should watch movements in high yield bonds as increasing yields could mean higher funding costs.

2013.02.26 - Nat Gas Power Gen
Why coal lost market share to natural gas

Sustained low natural gas prices have spurred power companies to use more natural gas in favor of coal when possible.


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