Important Events that Could Drive Markets this Week

President Trump’s executive order on healthcare, the Iran nuclear agreement, and news about North Korea preparing for a launch ahead of US–South Korea military exercises failed to trigger higher volatility.

US Steel Had a Big Week: What Happened?

US steel stocks have had a tepid year after the spectacular rally last year, and there’s a sense of apprehension in the market that US steel prices could go lower.

S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Closed Strong Last Week

The S&P 500 started last week on a weaker note. On October 13, the S&P 500 closed the day higher and ended the week with gains.

Wildfires in California Set PG&E Ablaze, Stock Tumbles 7%

PG&E Corporation saw its stock fall ~7% on October 12—its steepest fall in seven years—on speculations that downed power lines caused wildfires in California.


Hawks or Doves: Are Fed Members Sending Mixed Messages?

In this series, we’ll analyze Fed members’ comments in June 2017 to better understand their outlooks on the US economy and how they justify their hawkish or dovish stances.

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All You Need to Know about Yield Curve Flattening

Bond markets (BND) have been buzzing about the flattening US Treasury yield curve. In this series, we’ll explore what this means and how it’s becoming a concern for global markets.

Tobacco Bonds: The Burning Truth for Investors

Tobacco bonds are a highly liquid, large, and high-yielding sector. Tobacco bonds belong to the municipal high-yield bond market (HYD).

Fixed Income Solutions in a Rising Rate Environment

The Fed raised rates three times in the last 18 months. Rates will likely rise more, which could cause duration bonds to underperform.

Assessing the Impact of Green Bonds

VanEck In previous posts, we have described how green bonds help investors fulfill their fixed income investment objectives and, at the same time, make a positive impact on the environment…

A Closer Look at Traders’ Activities Last Week

The Commitment of Traders (or COT) report is released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (or CFTC) every Friday at 3:00 PM CST.

Why FOMC Members Think the US Economy Is Overheating

Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, warned about the jobless rate being below the natural full employment estimate of 4.7%.

Evaluating the Impact of Green Bonds

Green bonds (GRNB) offer similar yields and return profiles compared to regular fixed-income investments (AGG).

Will France's Election Results Boost Market Sentiments?

Market participants and analysts received welcome relief after the results of the second round of the French elections didn’t result in a surprise like the Brexit poll or the US election results.

How Will a Busy Week of Macros Affect Markets?

The first week of May is packed with key macro events. On the monetary front, we have the FOMC meeting scheduled during the week and the all-important April jobs numbers set to come out on Friday.

Will Markets Turn on the Fed's March Minutes?

The minutes from the FOMC meeting on March 14 and 15 were reported on April 5 and revealed the tone of the conversation among members to be hawkish.

Municipal Bond Market: Opportunities in 2017

Municipal bonds were the worst-performing bond class in 2016 after solid returns in 2014 and 2015, and high-yield bonds (JNK) outperformed.

Green Bonds: How They Are Painting the Global Picture

The size of the green bond market has increased significantly in recent years, with issuance nearly doubling in 2016 from 2015 levels, from $41 billion to $82 billion; 2017 issuance…

Green Bonds: How They're Painting the Global Picture

In this highly uncertain global market, the climate change factor has taken a back seat. But we can’t ignore its effect on the economy and its financial impact.

Reports of Bond Market’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Repurposing a quote from American author and political commentator Mark Twain, we believe that recent reports of the bond market’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Donald Trump’s election win does…

Trump Uncertainty May Prove 'Huge' for Gold

Fed Comments on December Rate Hike Break Gold’s Upward Move The strong price movements that followed the U.K. Brexit vote on June 23 had set gold on a new positive…

Yield Curve Hints at Targeted Opportunity in Muni Bonds

Many muni analysts and market participants maintain that the recent negative performance of muni bonds is unlikely to result in “taper tantrum-style” muni fund outflows, despite expectations of a Fed…

What a Trump Presidency Means for Municipal Bonds

After investors’ post-election U-turn, some tailwinds turned to headwinds for municipal bonds. Investors moved money out of bond funds amid expectations of a Fed rate hike.

Yield Curve Suggests Targeted Opportunity in Muni Bonds

Many muni analysts and market participants maintain that the recent negative performance of muni bonds is unlikely to result in “taper tantrum-style” muni fund outflows, despite expectations of a Fed…

Yield Curve Suggests Targeted Opportunity in Municipal Bonds

The biggest benefit of municipal bonds, or muni bonds (MUB) as they are more popularly known, is their extremely tax efficient nature.


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