Costco Tops Fiscal 1Q18 Estimates

Costco Wholesale (COST) reported stronger-than-expected fiscal 1Q18 results, surpassing analysts’ expectations for both sales and EPS (earnings per share).

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Weak on December 15

After a pullback on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index opened lower on December 15 and fell to five-week low price levels.

US Markets Had a Mixed Performance on December 14

The S&P 500 started this week on a stronger note. Despite a strong start, the market lost momentum as the week progressed and fell on Thursday.

Can Kohl’s Stock Pick Up Some Momentum?

Kohl’s (KSS) stock price has risen 1.8% on a YTD (year-to-date) basis as of December 12.


Could Appointment of Next Fed Chair Move Precious Metals?

Gold was trading moderately high on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. It rose a marginal 0.04% and closed at $1,276.30 per ounce. Silver and palladium, however, had a down day.

What's Playing the Ups and Downs in Precious Metals?

After the rise we saw on Friday, October 13, precious metals had a down day on Monday, October 16.

Mapping the Upward Trend in Precious Metals

Gold rose to a three-week-high level of $1,304.1 per ounce on Friday, October 13, and closed at $1,302.9.

Gauging Gold's Reaction to the September FOMC Minutes

During the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting in September, many officials showed interest in another rate hike in 2017—and more in 2018.

Gold and Its Miners: Analyzing Performance amid Global Concerns

The last few days have seen a rise in precious metal prices. However, on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, the prices of these loved metals fell.

Precious Metal Movements: A September Review

The negative sentiment toward gold prevailed on Friday, September 29, the last trading day of the month. Gold futures for November expiration fell 0.3%.

Palladium on Par with Platinum: Precious Metal Insight

Gold touched a one-month low on Thursday, September 28, due to the rise of the US dollar over the speculation of another rate hike in December 2017.

Understanding Precious Metals and Cross-Commodity Rates

Like silver, platinum has industrial uses and has seen growing demand in China.

Are Precious Metals Confused with the Market Indicators?

All four precious metals except platinum had an up day on Friday, September 22, 2017, as tensions in the North Korean peninsula got stronger.

Analyzing Gold and Silver Cross-Commodity Rates

Most precious metals witnessed a rebound in price on Friday, September 22, 2017, after falling for a few days. Gold closed slightly above the previous day’s close of $1,293.30 per ounce.

How the Fed Keeps Playing on Precious Metals

Precious metals traded lower on September 21 after the Fed gave a hawkish tone at Wednesday’s FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting.

How Did the Fed Just Play on Precious Metals?

On September 20, gold futures for October expiry closed 0.44% higher than the previous day, ending at $1,312.5 per ounce.

How Will the Fed Meeting Impact Precious Metals?

Among the four precious metals, gold (GLD) traded almost flat on Tuesday, September 19, after retreating for two days.

The Major Factors Driving the Decline in Gold and Silver

On September 18, gold fell 1.1% and closed at $1,306.90 per ounce. Of the precious metals, silver fell 3.1% and closed at $17.10 per ounce.

Trader Insights: Trading Tips for 2017

Bob Unterstein details how trading more passively can help navigate highly concentrated, low volume markets.

The Upcoming Events that Could Move Gold

Gold futures fell on Friday, September 15. Gold saw a weekly loss after three straight weeks of gains. Gold was down almost 1.9% last week.

Why Gold Rose on September 7

Precious metals have been buoyed by tension in North Korea. If North Korea does another missile test, it could prompt investors to move to haven assets such as gold, silver, Treasuries, and major currencies.

Gold Sets a High Bar for Bitcoin.

Gold Bullion Rallies in July The monthly low for gold came on July 10 at $1,204 per ounce. Gold then rallied to finish July at $1,269.44 per ounce, a gain…

Gold Sets a High Bar for Bitcoin

Gold (IAU) (GLD) prices usually have a strong negative correlation with the US dollar (UUP). Gold, like other commodities, is denominated in the dollar.

Will a Strong Euro Derail the ECB’s Normalization Plan?

The European economy has expanded in the last 17 consecutive quarters. The Eurozone’s annual growth rate is 2.1%—the highest growth rate in the last six years.


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