Lululemon Outperforms Expectations Once Again in 3Q17

Lululemon Athletica (LULU) reported 3Q17 results on December 6, 2017. The company reported better-than-expected top-line and bottom-line numbers.

General Mills’ Fiscal 2Q18: Why Analysts Don’t Foresee Growth

Analysts expect General Mills to continue to report lower sales and profitability due to increased costs and lower volumes for fiscal 2Q18.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Are Stronger on December 11

On December 11, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.98% and closed the day at 3,322.24. The SPDR S&P China (GXC) rose 1.9% on December 8.

Could Moderation in US Markets Affect Halliburton in 4Q17?

In this series, we’ll analyze Halliburton’s drivers, balance sheet, free cash flow, and dividend yield.

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Behind Prospect Capital's Fiscal 4Q17 Earnings

Prospect Capital (PSEC) reported EPS (earnings per share) of $0.19 in fiscal 4Q17, missing the analysts’ estimate of $0.21.

Berkshire Hathaway or the S&P 500 over the Next Decade?

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) has outperformed the S&P 500 for the past few decades and has generated strong returns for shareholders under Warren Buffett.

What You Should Know about State Street's Outlook

State Street (STT) posted EPS (earnings per share) of $1.67 in 2Q17, thus beating analysts’ estimate of $1.57. That’s a 14.0% rise on a YoY basis.

What's in Store for Alternative Asset Managers in 2H17?

In 2Q17, alternative asset managers Carlyle Group (CG) and KKR & Co. (KKR) reported earnings per share of $0.59 and $0.89, respectively. These results beat Wall Street analysts’ earnings estimates.

A Look at Apollo Global Management's 2Q17 Earnings

In this series, we’ll study the performance of Apollo’s various divisions, its dividend distribution, and its valuation.

Inside Carlyle Group's 2Q17 Results

In 2Q17, Carlyle Group (CG) posted strong ENI (economic net income) of $300 million, which reflects a substantial increase over its $158 million in 2Q16.

BlackRock: Strategic Initiatives amid Slowing Alpha Returns

BlackRock (BLK), the world’s largest asset manager, has seen strong operating performance over the past few quarters. Here’s why.

Where KKR & Co. Stands after Its 2Q17 Earnings

KKR & Co. (KKR) posted strong numbers in 2Q17 on the back of operating fundamentals and investment performance. KKR posted earnings per share of $0.89, beating the analysts’ estimate of $0.67.

What to Expect from Carlyle Group in 2Q17

Market analysts expect that Carlyle Group (CG) could post earnings per share of $0.45 in 2Q17, reflecting a significant decline of 58.7% from its 1Q17 EPS.

What Investors Can Expect from KKR & Company in 2Q17

Wall Street analysts expect KKR & Company (KKR) to report its 2Q17 earnings on July 27, 2017. Analysts expect KKR to post earnings per share of $0.66 in 2Q17.

What's in Store for Affiliated Managers Group in 2017

Market analysts expect Affiliated Managers Group (AMG) to report EPS (earnings per share) of $3.23 in 2Q17, a rise of 0.62% from 1Q17.

What You Can Expect from Blackstone in 2017

Blackstone (BX) is expected to report its 2Q17 earnings report on July 20, 2017. Wall Street analysts expect Blackstone to report earnings per share or EPS of $0.66…

Apollo Global in 2017: A Company Breakdown

Though further rate hikes by the Fed in 2H17 could impact Apollo Global’s (APO) Credit segment, the company has noteworthy competitive strengths.

Can BlackRock Keep Outperforming on Diversified Offerings?

BlackRock has seen rising and sustained income levels over the past few years, mainly due to diversified and innovative product offerings like iShares.

Prospect Capital's Performance amid Higher Interest Rates

Prospect Capital (PSEC) reported a decline in its net investment income in its fiscal 3Q17 earnings. Analysts expect PSEC’s fiscal 4Q17 EPS to reach $0.20, representing no change from fiscal 3Q17.

Will Buffett's Berkshire Beat the Index on Performance in 2017?

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) is expected to post EPS of $2,806 in 2Q17 and $3,212 in 3Q17. Analysts have revised the estimates downward.

Carlyle's 1Q17 Performance Recap: Navigating Volatility

After a subdued performance in 4Q16 and heavy losses in its Global Market Strategies segment, Carlyle Group (CG) reported improved numbers in 1Q17.

KKR's Private and Public Markets Weigh In on 2017 Performance

In 1Q17, KKR & Co. (KKR) deployed ~$5.4 billion in its Public Markets and Private Markets segments. KKR is expected to post EPS of $0.49 in 2Q17 and $2.15 in fiscal 2017, representing year-over-year growth of 113% and 216%, respectively.

How Closed-End Funds Can Enhance Your Portfolio

“Home bias” can sizably limit an investor’s portfolio by reducing its ability to capture additional sources of return.

What to Expect from Alternative Asset Managers in 2017

Alternative asset managers saw improved operating performances in 2H16 on rising broader markets (SPY) (SPX) and a better global economic outlook.


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