Why Philip Morris’s Q3 Earnings Didn't Meet Analyst Estimates

Philip Morris International (PM) announced its 3Q17 earnings on October 19. The company posted adjusted EPS (earnings per share) of $1.27 on revenues of $7.47 billion.

Pre-Market Report: Global Markets Start the Week on a Stable Note

On October 23, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,380.70 after rising 0.06%. The SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) rose 0.68% on October 20, 2017.

Procter & Gamble Didn't Impress Investors in 1Q18

Procter & Gamble reported mixed fiscal 1Q18 results. It topped analysts’ EPS estimate. However, sales remained shy of analysts’ consensus estimate.

PPG Industries Stock Rose, Posted Strong Earnings in 3Q17

PPG Industries announced its 3Q17 earnings on October 19 before the markets opened. It reported revenue of $3.77 billion—an increase of 3.0% on a YoY basis.


How Was August for Japan-Focused Mutual Funds?

The Commonwealth Japan Fund has been in existence since July 1989 and was managing assets of $5.2 million as of August 2015. Its net expense ratio is 3.5%.

An Overview of Fund Flows in Technology ETFs

In September 2015, investors are looking to park their funds in fixed-income ETFs due to volatile domestic as well as international stock markets.

What Can the Fed Do to the Treasuries' Yield Curves?

Fixed income market participants have been selling short-maturity Treasuries in anticipation of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve. The FOMC convenes on September 16 and 17 to decide the course of monetary policy.

Investment-Grade Bond Issuance Fell to Zero ahead of Labor Day

A host of economic indicators were released last week. But their impact on investment-grade bond yields was somewhat muted.

The Market Demand for Treasury Bills as Stock Market Falls

US Treasury yields fell in the week ending September 4, after employment data hinted at a rate hike. Long-term Treasuries saw upward movement.

Treasury Yields Rise on the Possibility of Rate Hike in September

Treasury yields rose across the yield curve in the week ended August 28, after the upbeat 2Q15 US real GDP data. Yields rose after Stanley Fischer, vice chair of the Federal Reserve, noted the possibility of a September rate hike.

High-Grade Bond Market Sees Lowest Issuance since July 10, 2015

Investment-grade bond yields rose in the week ended August 28, 2015, as Federal Reserve vice chairman Stanley Fischer said the possibility of a rate hike in September is still open.

A Slowing Chinese Economy: Impact on China-Focused Mutual Funds

China’s stock market tumbled again on Monday, August 24. As a result, major stock markets around the globe also plunged. The fear of global slowdown is looming in the minds of the investors.

SAS Issuers Flock to High-Grade Bond Market

Movement in investment-grade bond yields last week was impacted by the stock market decline, economic indicators, and the release of the FOMC minutes.

Janus Capital Group Holds Steady despite Odds against Rate Hike

Janus Capital Group provides investment management services to financial advisors, individuals, and institutional clients. The company’s 2Q15 revenues topped Wall Street estimates.

Demand for Safe-Haven Treasuries Rises as the Stock Market Declines

Treasury yields tumbled across the yield curve in the week ended August 21, 2015, with a falling stock market and a dovish outlook of the Fed minutes.

KKR Stock Falls Despite Record 2Q15 Earnings

KKR reported its 2Q15 earnings on July 23, 2015, beating Wall Street analysts’ estimates. But KKR stock has fallen approximately 10% over the last month.

How Macro Economic Factors Are Affecting China-Focused Mutual Funds

After the June crash in China’s stock market, regulators took drastic measures to prevent future stock market meltdowns like banning large shareholders from selling stocks.

An Analysis of 4 Japan-Focused Mutual Funds

Policymakers and investors have been worried about Japan’s debt burden becoming unmanageable. The International Monetary Fund noted that Japan’s debt could near 300% of its GDP mark by 2030.

Investing in VGPMX: An Alternative Mutual Fund

As the name implies, alternative mutual funds seek to accomplish the fund’s objectives through non-traditional investments and trading strategies.

Blackstone Continues Six-Month Run with Robust 2015 Performance

Blackstone (BX) stock has returned 31% over the past six months ending May 22. It has also reported record earnings in the past two quarters. Can it sustain this growth?

Legg Mason Beats Estimates for Fiscal 4Q15 and Annual Earnings

Legg Mason managed to beat Wall Street analysts’ adjusted EPS (earnings per share) estimates of $0.67 with a posted adjusted EPS of $1.03.

Affiliated Managers Group Beats 1Q15 Estimates

On April 18, Affiliated Managers Group (AMG) reported net 1Q15 profits of $128 million compared to $77 million for the first quarter of the previous year.

Janus Capital Group Beats 1Q15 Estimates

Janus Capital Group (JNS) reported net profits of $45 million, or $0.23 per diluted share, beating the Wall Street analyst estimate by 3 cents.

T. Rowe Price Group: A Global Investment Manager

Founded in 1937, T. Rowe Price Group (TROW) provides global investment management services to retail and institutional clients across the globe. T. Rowe Price Group offerings include sponsored mutual funds…


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