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Hedgeable is an asset management firm and Market Realist research partner. Click here to learn more about guest experts on Market Realist.

Hedgeable provides sophisticated investment solutions to everyday investors. Hedgeable was created in response to the financial crisis—a time when Americans lost trillions of dollars in assets. Dubbed a “Next-Generation Vanguard,” Hedgeable has a low cost, multi-asset class asset management platform that seeks to level the playing field between institutional investors and the everyday investor.

Backed by world class partners, Hedgeable is led by team members from industry leaders including Bridgewater Associates, OppenheimerFunds, Deutsche Asset Management, and Cambridge Associates. Hedgeable strives to build an atmosphere that encourages innovation, disruption, openness, and collaboration—this sets the firm apart from the asset management old guard.

Guest authors publishing on Market Realist from Hedgeable include:

Mike Kane

Mike is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hedgeable. He’s the driving force behind Hedgeable’s mission to become the most revolutionary asset management platform of the 21st Century. He formerly worked at Spruce Private Investors, an outsourced Chief Investment Officer that has since been named the best wealth manager in the U.S. by Private Asset Management Magazine. At Spruce, Mike helped high profile clients, including wealthy families and charities, manage investments in public and private equities, fixed income, commodities, and real estate. Prior to Spruce, Mike was at Bridgewater Associates—a $150 billion Asset Management Firm, regarded as one of most innovative asset managers in history, with clients that include major U.S. pension funds and corporations, and foreign governments.

In addition to his passion for democratizing investing, Mike enjoys writing, cinema, cooking, history, and college football. He’s originally from Philadelphia and resides in New York City.