BlackRock, Inc. is the world’s largest asset manager and Market Realist research partner. Click here to learn more about guest experts at Market Realist.

BlackRock, Inc. provides diversified investment management services to institutional clients and retail investors through various investment vehicles. BlackRock has over $4 trillion in assets under management, has 120+ investment teams across 30 countries, and manages over 7,000 portfolios. The company offers BlackRock Funds and Blackrock Liquidity Funds and also provides risk management services to fixed income institutional investors.

iShares, the largest ETF provider in the world, is part of BlackRock. The iShares family of funds has almost $1 trillion in assets over management and offers investors over 700 funds listed globally.

Guest authors publishing on Market Realist from BlackRock:

Russ Koesterich, CFA – Managing Director

Russ is Global Chief Investment Strategist for BlackRock. He is a founding member of the BlackRock Investment Institute, a contributor to financial news media (including CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV) and the author of two books, including The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble, on positioning portfolios for the growing U.S. deficit. Russ writes about investor education, the economy and a wide range of themes and issues affecting investors and financial advisors.

Matthew Tucker, CFA – Managing Director

Matt is Head of the iShares Fixed Income Strategy team. He and his team focus on product strategy for iShares ETFs in North and Latin America. He has over 15 years of experience in the fixed income markets and is a CFA charterholder. He writes about fixed income and ETF education.

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