Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Aberdeen Asset Management PLC, one of the world’s largest asset managers. Aberdeen knows global markets from the local level upwards, drawing on nearly 2,500 staff across 38 offices in 25 countries.

Aberdeen concentrates solely on asset management, unlike many other investment managers, who are often part of larger insurance or banking conglomerates. Aberdeen believes this independence brings focus and discipline to its work.

Aberdeen’s closed-end funds provide access to the world’s emerging markets, specific regions, or particular countries. Each fund benefits from Aberdeen’s diligent company research process and disciplined fund construction.


Aberdeen Closed-End Funds Insights

Aberdeen Closed-End Funds. Open Your World.

The range of regional, global, and emerging market closed-end funds advised by Aberdeen offers choices for investors seeking specialized exposure—whether they’re a new or experienced investor. Each strategy is underpinned by Aberdeen’s rigorous stock and bond investment process and supported by a team of highly experienced investment professionals. Explore more.

Aberdeen Closed-End Fund Literature

You can find monthly fact sheets, annual reports, and tax information on Aberdeen’s array of closed-end funds here.


Aberdeen Research Insights

Economic Insight: China’s economic stimulus: finally working, but for how long?

We believe China’s substantial monetary and fiscal stimulus is finally translating into stronger economic activity. Whether this boost is sustained, or fizzles out under the weight of the large structural imbalances in the Chinese economy, may be one of the defining features of this year’s global economic and investment landscape.

Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equities

Devan Kaloo, Aberdeen’s Head of Global Emerging Markets talks about EM’s recent rally, why he expects the dollar to strengthen, his outlook on China and more.



Featured Research

Eastern Promise: The New Opportunities in Asian Markets

Why Asian markets could be set for a rebound after a tough 2015.

Investor Outlook: Why China Matters in the Long Run

Despite encouraging signs of recovery at home, U.S. policymakers are clearly worried about what’s going on overseas. At the top of their list of concerns is China.

The Rise of Machines: Opportunities in Japan’s Robotic Revolution

Why changes in China’s labor market are fueling the robotics industry and factory automation, and which companies are benefiting.

Asia’s Retail Revolution

Demographic shifts in Asia are turbo-charging the retail landscape. Read on to find out how to get exposure.

Dazed and Confused: What’s Been Going On in Asian Markets?

A review and analysis of the mixed signals that have rippled through the Asian markets.

Don’t Feed the Bears: Global Growth and Asian Markets

Asian markets are getting mauled. In recent years, emerging markets have looked vulnerable at times, but not to this extent. So what’s going on?

How Mexico Is Gradually Moving Forward

Afer a rocky 2015 summer, Mexico’s outlook may seem bleak, but look a little deeper and it becomes clear that things in Mexico aren’t half as bleak as they seem.

Much Ado About Emerging Markets

Are investors making a big fuss out of something insubstantial in emerging markets?

The 4 Core Reasons to Consider Investing in Israel

The creativity of Israel’s entrepreneurs – particularly in its thriving technology sector–and the openness of its market suggest that this $280 billion economy may still have room to grow.


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