About Us

The Market Realist approach

At Market Realist, we’re committed to providing unbiased, highly engaging, institutional-quality investment research and analytics. Our mission is to democratize investment management. That means our research is useful and accessible for both investment professionals and individual investors.

We currently publish more than 4,000 research articles per month. We cover over 2,000 fundamental data points. Plus, Market Realist is the largest, fastest-growing provider of investment research focused on exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. We also cover master limited partnerships (MLPs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs). We’re expanding our fundamental research to include every security in the S&P 500.

Our research offers the following advantages.

  • A sole focus on key drivers of long-term value. Analysts at Market Realist help identify the long-term trajectory of public investments. We focus on the top factors affecting industry returns. Our research is not a good fit for investors interested in generating quick investment gains or in short-term trading. Market Realist investors look much farther ahead than next quarter’s earnings when forming their investments theses.
  • Original analysis based on primary data. Each Market Realist article discusses and explains the relevant primary data affecting the valuations of public investments. Our analysis isn’t founded on secondary sources like the news and opinions that you can find on other investment websites. Instead, our analysis is always based on original research and key primary data that’s often not widely available to retail investors.

The Market Realist team

Our world-class team comprises talented investment professionals and financial media executives who are passionate about democratizing investment management. Each Market Realist analyst has several years of professional research experience working at major hedge funds, banks, or financial media and technology companies like Goldman Sachs, Seeking Alpha, CBS, Marketwatch, Yahoo! Finance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, and JP Morgan. Below are some of the top senior analysts at Market Realist.

The Market Realist team doesn’t maintain any investments in the stock market. All of our analysts adhere to a stringent trading policy that prevents them from covering any of their investments in the past 90 days. Through this approach, our team publishes unbiased and independent investment research.

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