Behind Comcast's Strategy for Long-Term Growth

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Part 6
Behind Comcast's Strategy for Long-Term Growth PART 6 OF 7

Here’s What Hit Comcast’s Theatrical Business in 3Q17

Comcast’s filmed entertainment unit

Comcast’s (CMSCA) filmed entertainment unit, which is part of its NBCUniversal segment, reported ~$1.8 billion in revenues in 3Q17, which was 0.5% lower on a YoY (year-over-year) basis.

This decline was mainly driven by a 26.4% YoY fall in theatrical revenues and fewer hit movie releases than in the previous year. But this decline was mitigated by 14.4% and 14.9% YoY growth in home entertainment and content licensing revenues, respectively.

Here&#8217;s What Hit Comcast’s Theatrical Business in 3Q17

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In 3Q17, Despicable Me 3 was the main driver of Comcast’s film business, earning more than $1 billion in box offices worldwide. According to boxofficemojo, the franchise has collected more than $3.7 billion globally, with an average of $926 million per film.

By the end of first nine months of 2017, revenues from Comcast’s filmed entertainment until had reached $5.9 billion, which was 30.8% higher YoY, driven by higher theatrical revenues, and increases in content licensing and home entertainment revenues.

Top distributors in fiscal 2017

According to the Numbers, a movie data and research service provider, so far in 2017, Universal Pictures has distributed 13 movies to date, compared with top studios Warner Bros (TWX), Twentieth-Century Fox (FOX), Columbia Pictures (SNE), and Paramount (VIAB), which have released 17, 11, 22, and 10 films, respectively, during the same period.

In 2017 to date, Warner Bros has dominated the domestic box office with a 20.4% market share, followed by Walt Disney (DIS), Universal, and FOX, which have market shares of 18.3%, 14.9%, and 12.3%, respectively.


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