SCANA Stock Is Weak: Daunting Times for Investors

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SCANA Stock Is Weak: Daunting Times for Investors PART 4 OF 4

SCANA: Analysts’ Recommendations and Target Price

Analysts’ recommendations

According to Wall Street analysts’ consensus, SCANA (SCG) has a mean target price of $52.17, which implies an estimated gain of 17% going forward. Currently, it’s trading at $44.60.

Among the ten analysts tracking SCANA, one analyst recommended a “strong buy,” six recommended a “hold,” one recommended a “sell,” and two recommended a “strong sell” rating as of November 10, 2017.

SCANA: Analysts&#8217; Recommendations and Target Price

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In July 2017, before stopping the construction of the V.C. Summer nuclear power plant, four analysts had a “buy” rating on SCANA. Now, the ratings have mainly changed to “holds” and “sells,” which represents analysts’ cautious or negative outlook on the utility.

Peers’ target price

SCANA’s larger peer Southern Company (SO) is also building a nuclear power plant in Georgia. Southern Company faced tremendous weakness after Westinghouse, the principal contractor of its Vogtle nuclear power plant, went bankrupt in March.

Analysts have given Southern Company stock a mean target price of $51.61—compared to its current market price of $52.01. It implies an estimated fall of 1% going forward. To learn about the latest developments on Southern Company’s power plant issues and its 3Q17 earnings, read What Southern Company’s 3Q17 Earnings Mean for Investors.

Another big utility that made headlines recently with its noteworthy fall is PG&E (PCG). It has a mean target price of $65.23, which implies a potential upside of 17% going forward. To learn more, read PG&E: Challenging Times Continue for Investors.

For more analysis, read Analysts’ Top 5 Favorite S&P 500 Utilities Stocks (XLU).


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