How Did AT&T Fare in 3Q17?

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Part 2
How Did AT&T Fare in 3Q17? PART 2 OF 10

Why Did AT&T’s Revenues Fell in 3Q17

AT&T’s total revenue in 3Q17

AT&T (T) reported total revenues of $39.67 billion in 3Q17—a 3.0% decline on a YoY (year-over-year) basis, slightly below the consensus estimate of $40.1 billion. However, the telecom company anticipates that the proposed acquisition of Time Warner (TWX) will improve its revenue and earnings profile and diversify its revenue mix.

Why Did AT&#038;T&#8217;s Revenues Fell in 3Q17

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AT&T’s revenue growth by segments

The revenue from AT&T’s Entertainment Group segment fell to ~$12.65 billion in 3Q17, down from ~$12.72 billion in 3Q16. According to the company, this reduction was driven by declines in legacy services and traditional TV subscribers, with gains in video and high-speed broadband services.

Internationally, AT&T’s revenues totaled ~$2.1 billion in 3Q17. The segment’s Mexican wireless component made up ~$0.74 billion of the segment’s revenue. The revenues from DIRECTV’s Latin American component was ~$1.36 billion in 3Q17.

The revenue from Business Solutions segment fell ~4.0% YoY to ~$17.1 billion in 3Q17. This reduction was primarily due to declines in legacy wireline and wireless equipment services. The Consumer Mobility segment’s revenues fell ~6.3% YoY to reach ~$7.7 billion in 3Q17, reflecting lower equipment revenues and lower postpaid service revenues, primarily due to the migration of subscribers to business plans.

Peer revenue comparison

By comparison, Verizon Communications’ (VZ) total revenues grew ~2.5% YoY to $31.7 billion in 3Q17, while T-Mobile’s (TMUS) total revenues rose ~7.7% YoY to $10.0 billion in 3Q17. Sprint’s (S) total revenues fell ~3.9% YoY to $7.9 billion in fiscal 2Q17 (quarter ending September 2017).


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