Taking a Look at Apple’s New Devices

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Taking a Look at Apple’s New Devices PART 7 OF 7

Where Apple’s Trading Compared to Moving Averages

Stock returns

Apple has generated returns of 38% since the start of 2017 and 48% in the trailing-12-month period. Apple (AAPL) stock has risen 1.4% in the last one-month period, and the stock has fallen 1.3% in the trailing-five-day period. Apple shares fell 3% in 2015 and rose 11.8% in 2016. The stock fell marginally to $159.65 on September 13 from $160.86 on September 12 after Apple unveiled its products during its annual event.

Among Apple’s peers in the technology hardware and storage sector, Western Digital (WDC), Seagate Technology (STX), and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) have generated returns of 64%, -9%, and 36%, respectively, in the trailing-12-month period.

Where Apple&#8217;s Trading Compared to Moving Averages

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Moving averages

On September 13, Apple closed the trading day at $159.65. Based on this figure, here’s how Apple fared in terms of its moving averages:

  • 4.8% above its 100-day moving average of $152.34
  • 2.7% above its 50-day moving average of $155.40
  • 0.7% below its 20-day moving average of $160.70

Apple is trading 53% higher than its 52-week low of $104.08 and 3.2% below its 52-week high of $164.94. Its market cap was ~$824 billion on September 13.

Analysts’ recommendations

Thirty-eight analysts are covering Apple stock. While 29 analysts recommended a “buy,” none recommended a “sell” and nine recommended a “hold” on the stock.

Apple’s average one-year stock price estimate is $172.29, with a median target estimate of $180.00. Apple is trading at a discount of 13% to its analyst median estimate.


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