Why Target’s Hot Deals Could Hurt Margins

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Why Target’s Hot Deals Could Hurt Margins PART 4 OF 4

What Wall Street Analysts Recommend for Target’s Stock

Analysts maintain a neutral outlook

Most of the analysts covering Target (TGT) stock maintain a neutral stance. Target is likely to benefit from growth initiatives, including the strengthening of the digital business, small-format stores, and value pricing. The expansion of exclusive brands in the key signature category is further expected to drive sales growth. However, increased competition, a low pricing strategy, and investments in growth initiatives are projected to hamper margins and, in turn, the bottom line.

What Wall Street Analysts Recommend for Target&#8217;s Stock

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Analysts’ rating

Analysts rated TGT stock a 3.0 on a scale of 1.0 (meaning “strong buy”) to 5.0 (representing “strong sell”). Meanwhile, as of September 8, of the 25 analysts providing recommendations on TGT stock, 16% rated it a “buy,” 68% maintained a “hold” rating, and 16% recommended a “sell.” Moreover, TGT stock closed at $57.27 on September 8, reflecting an upside of 2.8% to analysts’ target price of $58.91.

Peer comparisons

In contrast, analysts maintain a positive outlook on Costco (COST) and Amazon (AMZN) stock. As for Costco, of the 29 analysts covering the stock, 66% recommend a “buy” and 34% maintain a “hold.” Meanwhile, of the 46 analysts covering Amazon, 87% recommend “buy,” 9% rated it a “hold,” and 4% have a “sell” rating on the stock.

Analysts are somewhat confident about Walmart (WMT) stock too. Of the 33 analysts providing ratings on WMT stock, 42% maintained a “buy,” 49% recommend a “hold,” and 9% rated it a “sell.”


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