Alliance Resource Partners: Investor Need-to-Knows

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Part 5
Alliance Resource Partners: Investor Need-to-Knows PART 5 OF 11

Inside Alliance Resource Partners’ Appalachian Mines

Appalachian mines

Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP) operates three underground mining complexes in the Appalachia region in eastern Kentucky, Maryland, and West Virginia. Peers Peabody Energy (BTU), Alpha Natural Resources (ANRZQ), and CNX Coal Resources (CNXC) are among the other coal (KOL) mining companies operating in the Appalachia region.

Inside Alliance Resource Partners&#8217; Appalachian Mines

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MC Mining complex

The MC Mining Complex is located in Pike County, Kentucky. The mine employs the room-and-pillar mining techniques to produce low-sulfur coal. The preparation plant has a throughput capacity of 1,000 tons of raw coal per hour.

ARLP transports coal from this complex through CSX railroad, by trucks via US and state highways, and through barge deliveries.

Tunnel Ridge complex

Tunnel Ridge is a longwall mine located in Wheeling, West Virginia. The mine began operations in 2010, and its longwall mining operations began in May 2012. The preparation plant at the complex has a throughput capacity of 2,000 tons of raw coal per hour.

The Tunnel Ridge mine produces medium and high-sulfur coal, which is transported by conveyor belt to a barge-loading facility on the Ohio River. Tunnel Ridge has a third-party agreement that allows the transloading of coal from barges for shipment via the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway and the Norfolk Southern Railway (NSC).

Mettiki Complex

The Mettiki Complex includes the Mountain View mine located in Tucker County, West Virginia, and a preparation plant located in Garrett County, Maryland, which has a throughput capacity of 1,350 tons of raw coal per hour.

The mine uses a longwall mining technique and produces medium-sulfur coal. The coal is then transported by truck either to the preparation plant for processing or to a coal-blending facility at the Virginia Electric and Power Mt. Storm Power Station. CSX railroad also transports this coal.

In the next part, we’ll look at ARLP’s subsidiaries.


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