What Drove VMware’s Fiscal 2Q17 Results?

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Part 10
What Drove VMware’s Fiscal 2Q17 Results? PART 10 OF 20

Why VMware Teamed Up with Google

VMware and Google teamed up to promote Kubernetes

Earlier in the series, we discussed the availability of the much-awaited VMware Cloud on AWS and the likely reasons that urged VMware (VMW) to enter into a partnership with Amazon (AMZN) in the cloud space.

VMware and Pivotal Software teamed up with Google (GOOG) on August 28 to promote Kubernetes to established companies with their own data centers.

Why VMware Teamed Up with Google

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Pivotal Software, a software development company, is a spin-off of VMware. Kubernetes is a container technology that was developed by Google. It is an open source software package that enables developers to mechanize the deployment, scaling, sharing, and running of applications. As a result, it is popular with developers and the companies they serve. To get its hands on this technology as well as enhance its popularity among developers, Microsoft (MSFTacquired Deis.

Developers use containers to package their software programs. They ensure the applications run in the same manner irrespective of the computers or systems running them, including laptops, data centers, servers, or cloud platforms. Kubernetes is gaining popularity as a way to manage these containers.

Symbiotic relationship

This deal is symbiotic to both companies. Through this partnership, VMware’s benefit would be that its customers have easy access to Google’s cloud, which includes AI (artificial intelligence) services. Google, on the other hand, would have access to VMware’s vast customer database.


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