Hewlett-Packard Had an Outstanding Performance in 3Q17

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Hewlett-Packard Had an Outstanding Performance in 3Q17 PART 1 OF 7

Analyzing Hewlett-Packard’s Performance in Fiscal 3Q17

Hewlett-Packard’s revenue rose

US-based (SPY) consumer tech (QQQ) firm Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) announced its fiscal 3Q17 results on August 23, 2017. Hewlett-Packard reported revenue of $13.06 billion in fiscal 3Q17—a rise of 10% YoY (year-over-year) from $11.9 billion in fiscal 3Q16. Its revenue rose 11% YoY on a constant currency basis in fiscal 3Q17—the quarter ending in July 2017.

Analyzing Hewlett-Packard&#8217;s Performance in Fiscal 3Q17

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The company’s non-GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) EPS (earnings per share) in fiscal 3Q17 was $0.43—at the higher end of Hewlett-Packard’s guidance of $0.40–$0.43.

During Hewlett-Packard’s fiscal 3Q17 earnings call, CEO Dion Weisler said, “It was another outstanding quarter, showcasing strong execution of our strategy. I’m very pleased with our sustained performance and continued momentum.”

Hewlett-Packard hasn’t reported revenue growth in the last four consecutive quarters despite the slowing PC market.

What did analysts expect?

In fiscal 3Q17, analysts expected Hewlett-Packard to post revenue of $12.3 billion. Analysts gave a high revenue estimate of $12.9 billion and a low estimate of $11.9 billion. Analysts expected the firm to post revenue of $0.42. Hewlett-Packard was 6% higher than the revenue estimate and 2.4% higher than the EPS estimate in fiscal 3Q17.


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