US Auto Sales for June 2017: Is Optimism Alive?

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Part 9
US Auto Sales for June 2017: Is Optimism Alive? PART 9 OF 16

General Motors’ US Retail Sales by Brand in June 2017

GM’s retail sales in June 2017

In the previous part of this series, we saw how a weakness in General Motors’ (GM) June retail sales negatively affected its total US sales. In the first quarter of 2017, among GM’s major vehicle brands, Chevrolet’s retail sales grew positively, while the brand’s overall sales were flat. However, in June, a fall in retail sales for Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac brands drove its overall US retail sales lower for the month. Let’s take a closer look.

General Motors&#8217; US Retail Sales by Brand in June 2017

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Brand-wise sales in June

In June 2017, US retail vehicle sales (IYK) performances for GM’s key brands were as follows:

  • Retail sales for GM’s key brand, Chevrolet, fell 1.5% YoY (year-over-year) to 138,996 vehicle units. That was higher than its May retail sales of 127,000. Total Chevrolet brand sales fell significantly by 6.4% YoY in June.
  • Total US sales for the GMC brand fell 41,434 vehicle units with a fall of 3.6% YoY. Retail sales for the GMC brand were also weak at 35,016 units, a fall of 9.5% YoY.
  • About 19,299 vehicle units of the Buick brand were sold in June 2017, a 16.4% rise YoY. Of those, 17,042 vehicle units were sold to retail customers, which reflected a YoY rise of 6.2%.
  • In June, US sales of the Cadillac brand fell 11.8% YoY, and retail sales of the brand fell 12.1% to 11,854 vehicle units.

Why is Chevrolet’s performance important?

Since the early years of General Motors, its Chevrolet brand has been the largest contributor to its revenues. In 2Q17, retail sales growth for the Chevrolet brand has been disappointing. Despite a recent fall in sales, Chevrolet remains the most important brand for the company with the largest contribution of all GM brands. In June 2017, Chevrolet accounted for about 69.0% of GM’s total retail sales.

In the US auto industry, GM competes with Ford Motor (F), Toyota (TM), and Fiat Chrysler (FCAU).

In the next part of this series, we’ll see what Wall Street analysts are recommending for GM and Ford, the top two US automakers.


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