Southern Company’s Latest News—And Crucial Indicators

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Part 4
Southern Company’s Latest News—And Crucial Indicators PART 4 OF 5

Inside Southern Company’s Implied Volatility

Southern Company’s implied volatility

On March 31, 2017, Southern Company’s (SO) implied volatility was 13.2%—close to its 15-day average. As the graph below shows, a fall in SO’s implied volatility has generally been associated with gains in its stock price, while a rise in its implied volatility has been generally associated with stock price declines.

Inside Southern Company&#8217;s Implied Volatility

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By comparison, the Utilities Select Sector SPDR (XLU) had an implied volatility of 12.6% on March 31, 2017. Among S&P 500 utilities, the largest merchant power stock, NRG Energy (NRG), had the highest implied volatility of 36% on March 31, 2017.

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