Why the Optimism for Marriott in 2017?

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Why the Optimism for Marriott in 2017? PART 1 OF 7

Analyzing Marriott’s Performance in 4Q16

Marriott’s 4Q16 performance

On February 15, 2017, Marriott International (MAR) reported its earnings results for the fourth quarter of 2016. The company beat analysts’ estimates for revenue and EPS (earnings per share). Its revenue was $5.5 billion, a 47.2% rise YoY (year-over-year). Adjusted EPS rose to $0.85 compared to $0.71 in 4Q15. Analysts had estimated revenues of ~$5.0 billion and EPS of $0.84.

Analyzing Marriott&#8217;s Performance in 4Q16

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MAR stock rises YTD

Year-to-date (or YTD) as of February 17, 2017, Marriott stock has risen 3.8%. Wyndham Worldwide (WYN) stock has outperformed its peers, rising 11.1% YTD. Hyatt Hotels (H) has fallen 3.1%, and Hilton Worldwide Holdings (HLT) was almost flat in the same period. The broader market, tracked by the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), has risen 5.0% in the same period.

2016 performance

For 2016, Marriott (MAR) stock rose 20.2%. Most of the rise came in the fourth quarter when the stock rose 22.8%. The first nine months of the year were marked by volatility around the acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (HOT).

For the same period, Hilton (HLT) saw the largest rise of 24.4% followed by Wyndham (WYN), which rose 17.6%. Hyatt (H) rose 14.7%, and SPY rose 8.7% for the same period.

Series overview

In this series, we’ll be taking a look at Marriott’s 4Q16 performance. We’ll also look at some key metrics and Marriott’s outlook for 2017. Finally, we’ll look at its valuation multiple.


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