Your Sizzling Hot Guide to Buffalo Wild Wings

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Part 14
Your Sizzling Hot Guide to Buffalo Wild Wings PART 14 OF 17

Getting to Know Buffalo Wild Wings’ Management

The importance of management

In the long run, management decisions greatly impact the share price and bottom line of a company. So it’s important to keep updated with the management of a company you interested in getting exposure to.

Sally Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings’ (BWLD) current Chief Executive Officer and President, joined the company as Chief Financial Officer in 1994, when the company was weighed down by debt and on the brink of bankruptcy. Smith closed down many underperforming restaurants, created an infrastructure for accounting, marketing, finance, and human resource departments, and made the BWLD what it is today.

Getting to Know Buffalo Wild Wings&#8217; Management

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The company’s condition has improved steadily under Smith, who redesigned the restaurants, changing them from a college bar concept to a sports bar and grill. Since 1994, Smith has played a vital role in increasing the company’s unit count from 35 to more than 1,000. She is also responsible for BWLD’s investments in emerging brands like PizzaRev and R Taco.

Jeffrey B. Sorum

On March 1, 2016, Jeffrey Sorum, formerly BWLD’s Senior Vice President and Corporate Controler, was promoted to Chief Accounting Officer and Interim Principal Financial Officer on March 1, 2016, after the retirement of Mary J. Twinem. (Twinem had served as CFO of BWLD since July 1996.)

James M. Schmidt

Since January 2011, James Schmidt has been serving as BWLD’s Chief Operating Officer. Previously, he had served as BWLD’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel in 2002. Before joining BWLD, Schmidt was an attorney at Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker.

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