Citrix enterprise access software shows Apple’s iOS has the best global share

Citrix enterprise access software shows Apple&#8217;s iOS has the best global share

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With Apple, Google, and Microsoft all competing to gain valuable share in the enterprise market, using Citrix market share information relays that Apple’s iOS has the most penetration currently.

With the leading mobile device manufacturers all trying to broaden their device penetration beyond just personal consumer use, all the major handset and tablet manufacturers are looking to get more exposure to the lucrative enterprise market. Citrix Systems is a leading networking and cloud services company that helps bring connectivity from a mobile device’s operating system into the corporate network. As a result, Citrix has useful market share data that might provide early clues as to which emerging enterprise solution from Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), and Microsoft (MSFT) is seeing initial success.

Citrix enterprise access software shows Apple&#8217;s iOS has the best global share

Citrix enterprise access software shows Apple&#8217;s iOS has the best global share


In North America, according to Citrix, the landscape is essentially a 2 horse race with Apple’s iOS safely in the lead with 62% market share. This comprises the corporate access that Citrix manages for Apple from both the iPad and the iPhone. Google’s Android operating system (OS) is next in North America with 35% share; Microsoft accounts for just a 3% share of corporate access. The likely difference in the North American market is the strong penetration from AAPL’s leading tablet, versus less frequent tablet use on Android and Microsoft. The European, Middle East, and African market, or EMEA, is a more competitive segment with share spread much more evenly divided among the emerging players. In this market, Apple’s iOS still maintains the biggest share at 43%, but Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows take a more impressive 36% and 21% share, respectively. With Europe’s deeper adoption of Nokia handsets that run on the GSM communications network, Microsoft is able to register a more substantial share of Citrix corporate services than anywhere else in the world. In Asia, Citrix reports that iOS is again the dominant operating system coming into corporate networks, with a share of 75% versus Android with its 25% slice of the market.

While Blackberry (BBRY) doesn’t show up in the Citrix survey (because the company controls its own access into corporate platforms), it is safe to say its leading competitor in enterprise access is Apple’s iOS. While Apple is currently known for its consumer penetration, its enterprise position may become an emerging theme to pull its stock out of its current downtrend (see our recent report on Apple’s options to improve its stock price).

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